Recent air combat sim recommendations?

This might just mean VR is in the future as well 😉

That is the exact first thing I thought of when I saw this.

Oh my… I can only get so rigid…

That dynamic campaign in VR… yeah that’s a real taint tickler there

I’m writing down all my joystick button assignments as I can’t remember them all… is there a way I can view them in VR? Like upload it to my kneepad in DCS?

Also what’s CCW/CW stand for and should I have them assigned to my hotas?

Clockwise, counterclockwise? I dunno tbh… context?

I learned playing jet hotas by first settting the thing up blindly following the guide. Then I took the interactive training combined with multiple excursions to the options screen. You push a button oe a hat in the controls screen, it tells you what its bound to unless free. This is how I take my inflight reminders of what did that button do again?

Yes there is a way to get a random pdf onto ypur kneeboard but it’s a hassle.

But for getting a procedure down, the interactive training followed by a simple, short exercise mission is best imo. For many things there are quick missions under the instant action tab. The mission editor is worth getting to know too.

Say i want to learn agm-65 maverick. I set up a single jet, armed with as many missiles as possible. Ten miles away twenty trucks. Voila, have at it.

I keep forgetting that I can go to options and use the joystick and it’ll take me to its binding. Thanks!
The CW and CCW are in relation to the MFD’s. I re-did all my bindings based on the guide you linked last night, and it already feels 100% better.

And funny thing. I had a dream after that that I was in an F18 and had all Mavericks instead of sidewinders, and was launching them at planes anyways hoping one might somehow hit. Even though it was a dream I still couldn’t manage to make them do something they’re totally not designed for lol.

Well, I have shot a helicopter with a mav once… ;)

I think those would be the brightness knobs, or maybe contrast? I don’t remember which ones the Bug has, exactly.

shakes fist in rotorhead

Using a Maverick for a laser-guided bomb’s job!

OMG I just remembered the rest of that dream. I was flying with your Friday night group @schurem . I was supposed to be flying CAP but I couldn’t figure out how to load air-to-air missiles. Everyone was getting irritated waiting on me so I chose the best option I could out of all the A/G options - the Mavericks. I knew I looked like a moron with 12 Mavericks loaded for an A/A job, so I was desperate, no frantic, to redeem myself. Here it was, the one job I could maybe handle… A/A tasks, and I was flying around with a bunch of fat missiles. I thought if I could make just 1 kill while everyone in the group died, it’d still be OK.

Welp, you would would have fit right in ;-) Last friday we mostly did urban helicopter combat. Gun armed Gazelles and Hueys in downtown Dubai. It was hilarious fun. Most often we do guns-only BFM. Either way, loading missiles often is not what fight club is about. It could be tho! Flying with someone on comms who sees what you’re seeing and explains is a fun and effective way to learn.

What’s BFM?

Basic Fighter Maneuvers. Airplane Jiu Jitsu. The art and science of meeting another fighter aircraft and then driving it in such a way that you can shoot him, while making sure they can’t shoot you.
Modern missiles take most of the fun out of it, an AIM-9X can be shot over the shoulder even! No fun at all. But a guns-only dogfight is about the most fun thing you can do with an airplane. Takes some real skill to do it in a machine like the F-14.

I dream a lot about schurem, too, but it ain’t about flight sims 乁(♥◡♥)ㄏ

One thing I have a terrible time with is matching speeds. I overshoot, undershoot so quickly I lose sight in no time.

That’s a hard thing to get right. Luckily in the hornet you can pull a metric fuckton of alpha. That’ll slow the thing right down. You can’t do that in a viper for example, or a kitty.

*alpha: The difference between the angle where the nose is pointing and how the air is meeting the plane. You pull on the stick, you increase alpha. Easily visualised in the HUD by the difference between the Flight Path Marker (the little plane icon) and the gun cross.

So what do you do when you are about to overshoot? Go up, roll and pull. Usually you don’t want to pull too hard, because burying the stick in your gut will bleed your speed. But sometimes, that is just what you need. Or sometimes you don’t give a fuck because those extra 20 degrees will end the fight.

This sort of shit I could far more easily teach in Fight Club.

How’s the bombing coming @jpinard? Made shit blow up yet?

There’s gotta be a free “Art of the Kill” .pdf out there somewhere

Let St. Bonanni be your guide