Recent air combat sim recommendations?

Goddamn, there’s another one that’s a nightmare to run, all of Pixel’s sims, in fact. The comparatively ancient Janes Fighter’s Anthology is much easier to get up and running in modern Windows than these USAF and IAF.

As for Navy Strike, well, Rowan did their own things before they finally got their act together with Flying Corps, MiG Alley, and Bob2. Their sims were these really quirky things before that. And, unfortunately, they were a real shoestring shop once they did embrace 3d cards and complex sims.

Can confirm. While I had time on my hands a year or so ago I spent a few DAYS trying to get USAF and IAF running in the hopes of streaming them with absolutely no success. It was MADDENING.


I built ground-up Win98 boxes (oh the joy of tracking down ancient drivers) in PCem to finally get MiG Alley to run. And it kinda didn’t run. And when it did run, it ran like shit (PCem demands a monster machine for decent speed emulation).

USAF was less of a bear. But sub 5FPS frame rates don’t cut it.

Sigh yeah, I think the thing I’ll have to do is build an actual Win98SE machine at some point. I have some Voodoo2s already set aside for such a thing. Now I need a SB AWE32 next.

Had so much fun streaming Megafortress yesterday I’ve scoured ebay for more sims from that era I wanna stream. I already have A-10 Tank Killer, Tornado, F-19, 1942: PAW and TFX, but I’ve got on the way A-10 Cuba, Super VGA Harrier, Flight of the Intruder, Gunship 2000, iF-16, and Air Power: Battle in the Skies (which is a Rowan sim I’d never even HEARD of until today) on the way. I’m really excited to expand my collection and stream all of these as well!

I’ve harped on Air Power a few times. Great Sim that takes place in an alternate 1930s with Zeppelins and weird biplanes. Way ahead of its time with an interesting campaign. Sadly overlooked back in the day.

I still have the physical disk and docs for it.

OHhhhh I am VERY excited to try it then! I can’t believe I somehow completely missed it.

Also WTF with this pricing? $24.99?!?!?!

Christ I could get FCG on disk with all of its awesome documentation for the same price on eBay.

That’s… ridiculous. Flying Corps brings nothing to the table but pure nostalgia. WoFF2 (PvE) and IL2FC (PvP) absolutely wipe the floor clear of any earlier WW1 airwar contenders. There’s literally no need to play RB, RB2, KOTS, and the like unless it’s for the feels.

And since they just released Navy Strike for like $6, I personally thought FC would be around the same.

Flying corps came with a reprint of a 1917 flyihg manual. So good. I still have that.

Oh shit I don’t have that, I only ever bought Gold, which did NOT have that manual. Gotta track that down. Is it called Practical Flying?

Why indeed, good sir, that it is!

Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out for a copy!


Practical Flying

Oh wow thank you!

I looked at the pdf of that and it was a bit challenging. If you’re willing to pay $3 a good Kindle version:

Perfect, thank you!

Have had it in my sim reading folder for ages, got it off some forum or other. Was happy to see its still available online. Nice that there is a Kindle version too.