Recent air combat sim recommendations?

AOTP is available via abandonware/DOS game torrent distros everywhere.

Runs perfectly under DOSBOX.

As always, I can supply… access to old sims on request :)

Yeah most DOS flight sims run like a dream under DOSBox. I was just fiddling with Megafortress and Super VGA Harrier just fine.

It’s anything Windows 95 and above that you run into problems (grumble Janes/Mig Alley grumble).

I’m pretty resigned to most Win 98 Era Sims being lost forever, or just to flaky to get running :(


I meant a new AOTP, ya silly goofs.

Oh we know what you meant. Sir.

Nobody (meaning ED and 1C/777) seems interested in the Pacific Theatre.

ED released a free Marianas islands map last summer. How Pacific do you want it? F4U should happen this year, comes with an Essex class carrier.

Jason (777 games) of the il2 side of things would give his left nut to do Pacific but he lacks the money to pay for the translation and research needed for Japanese aircraft. Thats what I heard.

One mostly ocean map does not a PTO make. We’d need New Guinea at the very least.

I understand why ED/777 aren’t doing Pacific but it could be done at a less rivety level and still be good.

How Pacific do I want it?

Take the game design for 1942:Pacifc Air War, add modern graphics, flight modeling, and AI, and you’re done.

Stretch goakls? Carrier air wars. Island attacks. Zeroes, Vals, Betties, and Kates mixing it up with WIldcats, Hellcats, Corsairs, Dauntlesses, Devastators, Avengers, and B-17s. I want to fly rescue missions in a Catalina, Duck, or Kingfisher. I want to shoot down Yamamo’s Betty in a P-38 or fight A5Ms in a Flying Tigers P-40. If you like playing Axis (I don’t), try to bring down B-29s flying a Jack.

Not some lame sterile DCS map with one plane. :)

Oh God yes please.

I’d love that. But I don’t see it happening, sadly. So I’m trying to be happy with what I do have. Ymmv.

Heh heh the pilot simulator vs. Aircraft simulator argument never gets old

Omg you guys.

The first two were not good sims… What was the third one, Brian? Link didn’t work.

Third one was F-15 Strike Eagle but they seem to have removed it.


It’s fairly bare bones at the moment, but there’s a lot going on inside the fights, so it’s fun to fly and fun to drop into picture mode and look around.

No VR in this but TrackIR works fine, right away.

Arena mode is interesting - The map has friendly and enemy bases that send out waves of tanks and BMPs that fight each other trying to gain ground. How many mobs they send out is based on the damage level of the base.

So you can attack ground forces to help your armour and attack the bases to lower the number of mobs they spew out.

Like a moba, with wings.

Right now allied air superiority seems to kill the enemy fighters quickly, so after the first little bit almost everything you do is ground attack of some sort.

Didn’t try the quick battle mode yet.

Looks fun but still… early access.

Stuck on the wishlist.