Recent air combat sim recommendations?

Ohh good to know, thank you!

Got a sweet new toy, Winwing Orion 2 HOTAS. (F/A-18 throttle, F-16 stick.) It’s awesome… Getting up to speed on it with MSFS and then I’ll tackle the nightmare of figuring out how to get all those switches configured in DCS. :) I’m guessing there will be lots of prebuilt profiles for it.

A bit of a bitch to put together with crappy documentation and no good youtube videos covering the latest revisions of the product.

(Anyone need a T.16000m and Monstertech mounts for it? :-) )

Fucking gorgeous.

So I hate to admit it, but I’d forgotten just how good Digital Integration’s Apache Longbow is. I’ve been streaming it this week, and each mission I’ve done has been AMAZINGLY compelling, like I’ve been in the middle of a proper warzone. SO GOOD. I think I forgot in light of just how good Hind is, but wow, Apache Longbow is amazing.

I have gotten bitten by the War Thunder bug.

That certainly is a fun game to play. I have heard the grind is stupid, but I am not worried about that, just enjoying my low tier matches of tank and fighter combat.

Certainly not a capital S Sim, but it is certainly a lot more simmy than some of the offerings out there, plus it offers fairly quick times between matches.

Congratulations on your new HOTAS man. If I were you, I’d get the Chuck’s guide for your module of choice and configure controls as closely to the pattern he lays out as you can. Except of course thw flaming cliffs machines who should all get the same scheme. Good luck!

Almost have completed my Digital Integration collection. Now all I need is iF-16.

Work has been a bit crappy of late so this week I engaged in some retail therapy. My Rift S decided to stop working so I bought the HP G2 Reverb based off @schurem recommendations. (I did look at the Pimax as the FOV is attractive but when you tot up the costs of the stands and the controllers I decided for the limited time I have to spend on gaming these days it probably wasn’t going to be value for money). And let’s face it I have been dying to extricate myself from the meta ecosystem for some time.

I picked up the new South Atlantic map and AH-64 module for DCS. The map has some stunning mountainous terrain which I would think would look great in VR. And the AH-64 because, well, along with the Hind they are my favourite Cold War choppers.

So I was pretty excited to grab some (limited) time this morning while my loving wife prepped my four year old for the day ahead when the troubles began…

Firstly, the HP reverb software setup is not all that well explained. I set up windows augmented reality but had no idea at first that a driver needs to be installed by Steam for Steam VR to work so I aimlessly launched apps, frustrated my headset did not pick them up. Easy when you figure that out, but I had to go to YouTube to do it.

Then I launched DCS. Lots of stuttering on the intro screen. My computer is pretty beefy (5950X, 3090 and 64Gb of ram) so I ruled that out. Still haven’t figured out what is wrong there, because I did not have time. After a couple of minutes my USB ports all fall over and my headset is disconnected. Even though I have a powered hub I can only conclude that the added draw from the reverb headset is too much. (Admittedly I have waaay too many razer peripherals with RGB lighting….) I figure it could be my X-56 HOTAS as those are known to be power hungry. But I guess I will have to spend time pulling USB peripherals out to try and reduce the load on the USB hubs….

Really frustrating.

Congrats on the Reverb!

I went ahead and got the Quest 2 on Saturday, the day before prices went up on it. I figure, you no longer need a FB account to use it, and buying it literally cost FB money. Win win.

Oh man. I should have been available on discord to talk you through it. Or at least I should have warned you. The G2 is to the oculus as MS-DOS is to apple os. You need to get your nerd on to get it working right . But when it works right, it works so right.

Allright. If and when you have time and headspace to get your hands dirty, take a gander at these here threads:

It’s a hassle and almost like work, hacking your setup into a configuration that works consistently. This shit sadly is not plug and play. Nor is that Apache an easy bit of kit lol. But once you got it it going, that rig oughta hum.

On a mildly related tangent fuck youtube and the horse it rode in on. I detest video tutorials or explainers that tell me to hit that like and smash subscribe. Fuck off. Write a webpage like a civilized human being, you morons.

I almost bought a Quest 2 with the looming price increase, but I saw that the PC connection cable was not included and 80 bucks, so I was like, 300 for VR would be cool, but 380 is close enough to 400 etc.

Hopefully there will be some sales/deals this fall.

Any decent usb c cable will work.

This is the one I use when not using airlink:

KRX Link Cable Compatible for Oculus Quest 2 20ft, Fast Charing & PC Data Transfer USB C 3.2 Gen1 Cable for VR Headset and Gaming PC

So get this guys, I’m gonna stream A-10 Cuba next week, and the developer of Tiny Combat Arena suggested I do it on an emulated Mac. Apparently if you install this emulator:

And then get Mac copies of A-10 Attack and A-10 Cuba, if you install Cuba into Attack’s folder and run Attack, you can get content from both games in one program. It works great!

Thank you sir ! Enjoy your quest. (Pun intended :))

Thanks @schurem. Have abandoned the headset for now, as time is limited and I want to spend more time flying and less time troubleshooting this weekend as I am off to the US on business this week. But when I get back I’ll get back into it.

So, a Kfir and the Kola Peninsula map for DCS. Fantastic. More toys for the sandbox!

Soon, I’ll be fiddling around with the mission editor making Iron Eagle scenarios. Only problem is no F-16 carries enough ordnance to match what Doug dropped over that undisclosed middle eastern country…

And Kola Peninsula means jinking through fjords EF2000 or Janes F-18 style.

Happy days!

I believe it may be possible to replenish stores with a script, allowing ace combat like magazine depths. Sounds like a fun time!

The new Mirage is a fun little jet. I suck in it, even the MiG-19 consistently kills me. It’s hella fast though, so pulling a brave sir robin is always an option. Not at all the jet Falcon 3.0 led me to believe it was!

As a South African I had to pick the Mirage up as well. This was mandatory. Have yet to find the time to fire her up as spending a lot of time in the f-16 atm trying to get her systems into muscle memory. Also the AH-64 is one hell of a beast to learn. When I’m not in my fast mover I’m doing my darndest to get to grips with her.

I need to have my lifespan doubled to master all the modules I now own…. And then we have the F-15E coming, which is another mandatory buy. We need a star citizen like hangar where we can admire our stable of aircraft - because god knows I am struggling to find the time to learn them all. At least I could enjoy the eye candy!

I played the hell out of A10 when I was younger. It was quite fun head to head on a LAN too.

Yeah I played Cuba but never Attack so this should be fun.