Recent air combat sim recommendations?

Okay, I definitely need to unpack my TrackIR. It’s a bit cumbersome trying to look around the cockpit with the keyboard.

Also, I don’t seem to be great at following the tutorials.

Yeah they are brittle scripts. Need to be on point and stick to it. I never get them right first go. Just shut the server down, had a blast going after harriers and a mirage F1 in a MiG-21.

Yeah, I typically try to follow the tutorials as best as I can, but end up watching a YouTube tutorial as well

Quickest way to find out how to do things is in a multiplayer environment with open comms. But the best way to actually ingrain the knowledge is those tutorials followed by regular exercise until it becomes “the way of doing things”.

Its funny how across different machines some lessons and systems stay relevant. Certain navigation systems, or the way you activate weapons on the MiGs. Of course lining up a runway and greasing a touchdown is only marginally different between different fighters. If you can land a viper, you certainly can land a hog or a hornet.

So, yeah.

I just spent another 90 bucks on DCS.

Basically had to buy the Syria map, as a lot of things use it, and it is supposedly super great. And the super-carrier was 40% off (probably still is) so I got a new baby to launch my F-18 from.

My Digital Integration collection is now complete.

Flash sale on the DCS store!

I already picked up Syria and an F-18 campaign, and I’m pretty keen on getting a campaign for Harrier too.

Does anyone have any experience with either of the available campaigns, Hormuz Freedom and Sky Warrior?

I found Hormuz Freedom … not very good. It’s ok I guess, but nowhere near the stuff Baltic Dragon and Ground Pounder Sims put out. But those don’t have harrier campaigns out (yet) afaik. Very good ones for Hog and Hornet though!

A shame. I grabbed Hormuz anyway as I wanted one of them while on sale, and pickings are slim for AV-8B. :(

Not for long, and it’s workable. I got about five flights in until I hit a refuelling wall. Too rusty to do it reliably, and the script depends on it.

AFAIK there’s a bunch of scripted campaigns in the works for the harrier, and it’s a natural fit for the (still in dev) dynamic campaign. I wonder if they’ll ever solve some of the weird performance bottlenecks in the ancient DCS code, straighten out AI, if you could code “Carrier Command” in DCS mission script. I wouldn’t be surprised if you can.

Awful if true. Hopefully they will be utilized for their skills and not sent to the front as cannon fodder.

Goddammit. I want this shit to be over, Putin be gone and Russia rejoining the free world again :(

That really blows. I hope the best for them.

Bought a couple campaigns, the Persian gulf map and Combined Arms during the sale.

Still wondering what other modules I should pick up. I am hesitant to buy more, as I have FC3 and the F/A-18 right now. I am still learning to use those, I got flight/landing down, but now is the very complicated part of learning radar etc.

Seeing a lot of the hype around Cold War stuff makes me want to check out the MiG-21 and F-5, they are both 30$ each now. (50% off)

I suppose I could wait for the winter sale, but…

There are some great arguments here, as well as a bunch of really popular PvP/PvE servers set up in the cold war era. I really want to try out the Enigma PvP server, but I only have the A-10C and SU-25 that are allowed on that server.

I love the F-5. A relatively simple little hot rod. The MiG-21 is a good buy if you want to test your landing skills. :) There’s a learning curve for that one. I need to go back and fly it some more.

I am really looking forward to the F-4 coming out.

The MiG by a country mile. It oozes character.

Same! But as an Australian I’d be most keen on an F-111, which was an icon of the skies around here before they were phased out. I’m sure one was rumoured as being in development at some point.

Flying the F-4 while waiting for the F-111 would at least be historically accurate for the RAAF :)

“Battle of Normandy” expansion out of EA for IL2:GB

“8 Battle of Normandy Aircraft (P-51B/C, P-47D “Razorback”, Typhoon Mk.Ib, Mosquito F.B. Mk.VI, Bf 109 G-6 “Late”, Fw 190 A-6, Ju 88 C-6a and Me 410)”

Ohh, the “Gustav”

edit: why I can’t fly

Because there’s a cat on your keyboard?

Pro tip: to make your crate really dance, leave at least half the fuel home. Things like the quick mission builder tend to put you in the air with a 100% full tank at the moment of contact. But a P-51 is an unbalanced pig when full. Put it at 50% and its a nimble dancing murder machine.

Because of time constraints I tend to use the quick mission/instant action things of my sims far more than the campaigns and things. Just a quick dogfight between dadly duties. I just realised one of the DCS quick flights for the viper is essentially the TopGun Maverick mission; a flight up a canyon followed by a pop up bombing. It’s exhilarating and only about six minutes ;)

@JonRowe , what machine did you end up getting?