Recent air combat sim recommendations?

My Digital Integration collection is now complete.

Flash sale on the DCS store!

I already picked up Syria and an F-18 campaign, and I’m pretty keen on getting a campaign for Harrier too.

Does anyone have any experience with either of the available campaigns, Hormuz Freedom and Sky Warrior?

I found Hormuz Freedom … not very good. It’s ok I guess, but nowhere near the stuff Baltic Dragon and Ground Pounder Sims put out. But those don’t have harrier campaigns out (yet) afaik. Very good ones for Hog and Hornet though!

A shame. I grabbed Hormuz anyway as I wanted one of them while on sale, and pickings are slim for AV-8B. :(

Not for long, and it’s workable. I got about five flights in until I hit a refuelling wall. Too rusty to do it reliably, and the script depends on it.

AFAIK there’s a bunch of scripted campaigns in the works for the harrier, and it’s a natural fit for the (still in dev) dynamic campaign. I wonder if they’ll ever solve some of the weird performance bottlenecks in the ancient DCS code, straighten out AI, if you could code “Carrier Command” in DCS mission script. I wouldn’t be surprised if you can.

Awful if true. Hopefully they will be utilized for their skills and not sent to the front as cannon fodder.

Goddammit. I want this shit to be over, Putin be gone and Russia rejoining the free world again :(

That really blows. I hope the best for them.

Bought a couple campaigns, the Persian gulf map and Combined Arms during the sale.

Still wondering what other modules I should pick up. I am hesitant to buy more, as I have FC3 and the F/A-18 right now. I am still learning to use those, I got flight/landing down, but now is the very complicated part of learning radar etc.

Seeing a lot of the hype around Cold War stuff makes me want to check out the MiG-21 and F-5, they are both 30$ each now. (50% off)

I suppose I could wait for the winter sale, but…

There are some great arguments here, as well as a bunch of really popular PvP/PvE servers set up in the cold war era. I really want to try out the Enigma PvP server, but I only have the A-10C and SU-25 that are allowed on that server.

I love the F-5. A relatively simple little hot rod. The MiG-21 is a good buy if you want to test your landing skills. :) There’s a learning curve for that one. I need to go back and fly it some more.

I am really looking forward to the F-4 coming out.

The MiG by a country mile. It oozes character.

Same! But as an Australian I’d be most keen on an F-111, which was an icon of the skies around here before they were phased out. I’m sure one was rumoured as being in development at some point.

Flying the F-4 while waiting for the F-111 would at least be historically accurate for the RAAF :)

“Battle of Normandy” expansion out of EA for IL2:GB

“8 Battle of Normandy Aircraft (P-51B/C, P-47D “Razorback”, Typhoon Mk.Ib, Mosquito F.B. Mk.VI, Bf 109 G-6 “Late”, Fw 190 A-6, Ju 88 C-6a and Me 410)”

Ohh, the “Gustav”

edit: why I can’t fly

Because there’s a cat on your keyboard?

Pro tip: to make your crate really dance, leave at least half the fuel home. Things like the quick mission builder tend to put you in the air with a 100% full tank at the moment of contact. But a P-51 is an unbalanced pig when full. Put it at 50% and its a nimble dancing murder machine.

Because of time constraints I tend to use the quick mission/instant action things of my sims far more than the campaigns and things. Just a quick dogfight between dadly duties. I just realised one of the DCS quick flights for the viper is essentially the TopGun Maverick mission; a flight up a canyon followed by a pop up bombing. It’s exhilarating and only about six minutes ;)

@JonRowe , what machine did you end up getting?

Nothing. I decided to master the f18 first. I am sure there will be a Christmas sale.

Plus I got my steam deck pre-order and I ran out of gift card money.

I am super excited about this!!

Did you guys know that there was an F-19 strategy guide? I didn’t.

Got one off eBay, can’t wait.

Homework time.

Finally found the proper, IBM version of this (earlier I’d found a really cheap copy and in my haste to get it neglected to see it was for the Atari ST).