Recent air combat sim recommendations?

I played a few minutes of F-16 on my C64 back in the day but it was too soon after I had played F-14 Tomcat on the same platform. F-16 was too bare bones but F-14 was a blast and it used to amuse me that if I bombed the wrong target or shot down friendlies my commanding officer would call on the radio and scream, “PILOT! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING??? RETURN TO BASE IMMEDIATELY!!! YOU’LL BE COURT-MARSHALED FOR THIS!!!” It was my first experience with choices & consequences, I think, and I wanted more. F-16 was just bland after that.

Here you go!

VR support plus a sneak preview of the new terrain they’re working on.

Oh my. First impression: very smooth. Looks like 1998. Couldn’t get my hotas right but vr works straight out of the box. I can’t wait to throw myself at the wall of MIGs again.

I never thought I’d play Falcon 4.0 again, but I was apparently wrong. Can’t wait to check this out!

What does this require to get started?

I think just a legal copy of Falcon 4.

Which you can get on GoG. They cleverly hide it as an extra to falcon3. Really? Why?!

Steam version works too?

Edit, BMS site says steam version works, and it is on sale for 4 bucks.

How does cockpit VR work in HOTAS sims where you have a hundred buttons? Elite: Dangerous handled it brilliantly with its hologram UI, but for a modern flight sim…? Do you basically just need to memorize where every button and dial and key is?

You have a mouse cursor.

Holy crap. The raciest sim porn ever.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, I saw that Tactical Warfare Simulator, the most poorly named World War I combat flight sim ever, was on sale, so I downloaded the demo. I cannot believe they have the gall to charge $49.99 for this. Seriously, except for the VR support, it doesn’t even look as good or fly as well as Red Baron 3-D. And it has one of the most obtuse user interfaces I’ve seen on a flight sim. (And I flew all of the Empire flight sims!) Seriously, the UI looks like something from DOS-era shareware.

How can a game that came out in 1998 possibly look like that and still be considered the same game? I’ve heard of heavily modded games, but that looks like a completely different engine!

Wow I’d never even heard of this and yeah, it looks terrible.

More details on what’s coming. In DCS, not Tactical Warfare Simulator.

Bummer they’re only doing DLSS 2, since 3 could literally double FPS. But with multithreading and the other improvements coming, DLSS 2 may well be enough.

DLSS 3 adds latency, something that’s absolutely anathema to VR. DLSS2 is fine for VR tho, I’ve tried hacking it into DCS, and it works. Gain is… so-so. The multicore thing is going to do much more, not just improving what’s there, but opening up an avenue for true improvement, such as AI that can’t see through clouds, flies proper flight models, etc.

Also yo, check out that phantom bruuuuuv!

Yeah, good point. DLSS3 doesn’t even work in VR.

Wings Over the Reich got a new expansion, Battle of France. It takes place before the Battle of Britain, and your squad can transition from the Battle of France to the Battle of Britain. It looks like it’s coming along nicely.

Yo bitches,

If any of y’all fancy using aircraft to shoot at things in VR, using software written and/or significantly maintained after 2010, both and are running spring sales. Get 'em while they’re hot (and dirt cheap).

First new Pacific war flight sim in 20 years. It’s super early and not fully funded, but hoping hard!