Recent air combat sim recommendations?


To take the conversation from 1917 to 1970 for a moment, I did some Viggen flying this afternoon, and streamed/recorded it with a friend of mine who was unfamiliar with the plane watching and chatting. The end product is kind of neat—some talk about the history of the Viggen, some about the systems, and a nice rocket attack.


Dots at totally needed and fair with how the AI works. I personally begged them to allow for dots that you could configure the distance on and they listened. :) I have HORRIBLE eyesite, but don’t want to play with labels. I really need to load this up again. It’s been a long time. Bismarks writeups are always a trap for me.


Great job! That shot of after you deleivered your payload roaring away was awesome! :)

Although it also painfully reminds me why I keep bouncing out of DCS. I do wish they had a simpler mode where you could fly the planes without all the detailed commands & controls.


As far as DCS goes, to my chagrin (truly!) that ship has sailed. I don’t think the Viggen is that much more complicated, if at all, than the sim mode of the original Falcon 4, but that’s cold comfort.


Now, I may be on record as a supporter of the DCS style of sim flying—depth and detail in modeling and all that—but I should remark that I really don’t like the DCS community. For the reason, read this thread, and specifically the first post (#8) by a fellow called mattebubben.

This comes up time and time again at the DCS forums, where only the biggest grognards go to play; realism at the expense of everything else, even in contexts (controls, translating real-life eyesight to computer visuals, others) where ‘realism’ makes no sense as a concept.


Did we ever talk about this?


I for some reason never played that one.


Now old, cranky, and ugly, but a lot of fun for all of that if you didn’t burn out on it back in the day.


Please recommend me a DCS WW2 plane, if I wanted to buy a bundle with the NTTR terrain:

  • P-51D Mustang
  • Fw 190 D-9 Dora
  • Bf 109 K-4 Kurfürst
  • Spitfire LF Mk. IX

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What’s your favourite? I’m thinking probably not the Mustang since I have the free trainer version anyway.

(40% off bundle deals are on until 6 Feb)


Well it looks like there’s a clear winner (after 1 day).

I’m pretty keen on flying the Spitfire too, though I was also interested in the Bf-109. Spitfire is also the new hotness so it satisfies that shallow part of my palate as well!

Thanks for the input peeps - heading off to spend some more money. :)


Upgraded to the Ultimate Edition last night. Between downloading and installing it took most of the night to get up and running. Planning on setting some time aside this weekend. It’s been a while and I don’t mind tossing those guys some extra money. I just have to remember to take the trackir reflector off my hat when I leave the house. Not that I ever did that. ;)


I say leave it on there. It’s a great way to find other flight sim enthusiasts out in the wild.


Yay! Welcome to the party, and thanks for supporting the developers.


Probably don’t want to add up how much I spent on that sim, but I don’t regret it one bit. WW1 is by far my favorite era AND I’m a huge fan of dynamic campaigns. So while I certainly wouldn’t mind some flashier gfx this is pretty much my dream sim.

Think I’m going to start off at the beginning of the war with the Germans. I never bought that expansion pack so now I can try it out. I did a quick flight and OMFG buses turn better than the Fokker.


Awesome. It is so good! I look forward to your tales! I wish you Clear skies and engines which do not catch fire :)


Sadly I don’t have the writing chops of Mr. Bismarck. :( I really should send him a bill for how much he’s cost me over the years.


Had time for two missions tonight, might try and squeeze one more in before I hit bed. Started up a new pilot in 1915. Hans Gruber :) in squadren III MLFA -Jagdlieger. We’re sporting the Fokker EI and OMFG I’ve never flown anything worse in any sim in my entire life. It’s like trying to drive a drunk hippo. First mission I crashed trying to make a right turn because apparently it’s really not designed to turn. Didn’t get hurt, but was captured for 3 days. You can’t keep Hans down!

Second mission we had a patrol over our own area. We spotted an enemy plane and rowed ourselves behind him. (Seriously I think I could have gotten out and walked faster.) It was a Saulnier L so it had a rear gunner that was peppering us. For the next 5-10 minutes the saddest dogfight in history “erupted”. It comprised of me trying to not crash and take pot shots. Eventually he tried to make a run for it and I somehow hit him enough to get him to crash in no mans land.

Made it home safe and sound, but even circling the field was an adventure in that pig of a plane. I’m not so sure how long I can fly that thing. :( Kill was confirmed and I got my first medal. yippee ki yay!


Fine German engineering.


The E.I has no control surfaces and rolls via wing warping. You’re supposed to fly in straight lines only and ask your targets to kindly move in front of you for the shooting.

The scary thing is, there was a time when this thing was untouchable unstoppable technology.


You guys and your biplanes.

Look at this. It’s glorious! :D