Recent air combat sim recommendations?


Someone pointed out (and I just did it) that IL-2 + expansions are all 50% off if you order direct from the developer
You can get a steam key with it as well if you like having it all in your library) EDIT: Looks like this is NOT the case.


Oooh excellent, thanks Rod. If we had likes you’d get a +1. ;)


Cheers! Yeah I went all in with the battle for moscow as well :) Cant wait to play!!!


Yeah it’s pretty awesome for flight (and driving) games. You’re ‘there’, sitting in the cockpit.

The only real limitation is down to v1 hardware - the resolution means it can be hard to read instruments or see distant targets, so usually you have a ‘zoom’ function, or turn on labels to compensate. Also looking forward to the day we get hand tracking in these games, for flipping switches and twiddling dials.

But regardless, it really is the ‘new track-ir’ and now that I’ve tried it I wouldn’t want to play a sim without it. :)


How do you do this btw? Do you need Steam version to run in VR?

edit: Nevermind, I see there’s a ‘get Steam key’ button. Deal done


Cool yeah was gonna post. But its pretty easy. Have fun! I am going to be playing in a few hours!


Gah, actually you can’t get Steam keys:

This key swap program only applies to IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad keys purchased during the Early Access and Pre-Order periods prior to October 22, 2014.

This key swap program only applies to IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Moscow keys purchased during the Early Access and Pre-Order periods prior to August 9, 2016.


Wait what? Hmm k my apologies. Not a big deal for me but I didn’t mean to mislead you :(


No worries, not a deal breaker - I just like the convenience of auto-updates.


k, my apologies again! Still I am stoked to be playing tonight :)


Hard to believe that I posted this in 2008, and here we are talking about VR.


K this is fun with VR. I had a little bit of weird stuttering the first time I ran it but it has diminished since.

The experience though! Holy cow this is fun.


k Il-2 battle for moscow is just crazy fun with VR. My only problem is just like everything else I cant play for more than an hour or so straight without needing a break. But hott damn this is immersive. They did a lot right with this game.


Rod, I don’t have VR, is that a VR thing or just a gaming thing you’ve got? If it’s VR only, I would be interested to hear why so that I know.


VR only. I have tried the Vive many times and own the Oculus, while I absolutely love them both I cannot play for very long without getting a headache or nausea some such. VR at present is just not good for long gaming sessions. That is not a problem for a lot of games and I can still have a blast in flight or space sims, but I do need to take regular breaks. Maybe thats a good thing? :)


Very good info to know, thanks for that, Rod. I guess I’m going to need to find someone with it to try.


A few straight hours in Elite Dangerous VR is better than no hours in Elite Dangerous VR. ;)


Oh it will blow you away. It blows me away to this day. As Profanicus notes it IS worth the price. Its just not something I can sit down and do for 3 hours straight. I need to take breaks thats all. Elite & IL-2 will just make your headspin how awesome it is.


So we should get a Qt3 multiplayer session going sometime in IL-2… I never play it online, but with cool people like y’all it would be fun.


I can handle ~3 seconds of movement in VR Elite before I tap out.

2d however, I’m all over it.