Recent air combat sim recommendations?


Ugh. I hate you guys.


Not sure that 2nd one does anything, certainly nothing visible in a low res VR HMD. There’s no big blurry texture LOD visible by default though, so maybe they fixed that and tied it in to the quality settings?

The Oculus Tray Tool in the first link is pretty great, I’d never tried it before - for some reason running it has smoothed out my performance even though I cranked the distant detail to 4x, AA to 4x, and added supersampling to 1.2! Perhaps to do with it setting the power plan to ‘high performance’? Maybe mine was set lower.

Anyway, you’re going to love CV1! So much clearer, smoother, and slicker than the DK2. Getting Touch as well? :)


Naw man im pinching pennies already. Besides, flying is what my rift is for. I don’t feel a strong desire for the touch controllers. Perhaps in the future, after a CPU upgrade and some other expenses that are higher on the priority list.

The landscape tweaks are very much worth it. DO try them. Even in my lo-res DK2 it makes a ton of difference. The distant terrain becomes more defined, less foggy and that makes navigating by eye much easier.

I have AA turned off and supersampling to 1.2. Rather leave some GPU power to spare in order to ensure a smooth framerate.

Man dogfighting in VR is fun. I used to suck at flat or vertical scissors, even with TrackIR, but with a HMD it’s easy to put a burst in as he crosses. Also split-S is fucking hair raising. My gf tells me I sound like im in a rollercoaster when I fly VR.

Anyway, oculus tells me two work days…


Thanks! I will try those tips. Yeah its good. REAL good :)


Hmm, I did try before commenting and didn’t see much difference. Maybe I did something wrong, I just stuck the cfg file in the directed folder.

Now you’re going to need to get up to 90fps rather than 75… at higher res. ;) 45 and ASW is okay to patch performance spikes, but I wouldn’t want to be sitting there constantly.


I took delivery of my CV1 yesterday. And it’s daddy-day. So it sat in its box. And I looked at it. And it sat in the box some more.

Then dinner was done, I tagged the GF ‘you’re it biotch!’ and started cabling it up. Soon I was flying. And man! what. a. difference! Clearer, slightly larger FoV and much more comfortable than DK2.

Then I flew a campaign mission and got my fucking wing sawed off by a 109. Screamed all the way down, which woke the kids and earned me the ire of my better half.

Never going back!

Elite:dangerous is pretty damn great too.


Grats! It’s pretty sweet hey, it’s what, half the weight? No, it’s heavier, it just feels way lighter due to the balance! ;)

Never going back!



next up is DCS. this is going to take quite some time, because i need to A) set up my bitch-ass g940 hotas which has no default setup in DCS, B) learn what controls matter per plane, C) learn the bloody jets themselves. So thats my weekend lol.

Really looking forward to the more mountainous terrain and higher speeds you get in a jet. its gonna rock 😀


I got a G940 too and this is the worst - for me it defaults to mapping stick, throttle, and pedal axes all to the same function! And you got to re-setup the basics for every plane. At least sensible axis assignments would be a good start. :/

Elite has great G940 (and practically everything else) presets out of the box, don’t know why DCS can’t.

No doubt you’re aware of this but ‘Chuck’s DCS Guides’ are quite helpful and have the main controls you need for each plane.

Great thing about DCS though is you can flip and twiddle with the controls by mapping HOTAS functions for left mouse and mouse wheel, then control stuff by looking at it.


It’s true, DCS’s control mapping system is straight out of 1998. Much as I enjoy the experience of flying in DCS, I’ve done so little of it lately because the whole setup is rickety in the extreme.


oh man those chuck’s giudes are fantastic. Thanks a bunch for posting that link profanicus! If only there was an easy way to access them while wearing goggles…


Awesome! Yeah flying over the battle field and seeing air fleets flying overhead generated by the campaign system is just amazing!


You guys aren’t making this easy to hold out for version 2.0. Are there ever times when you want to fly but without the VR headgear on and just stick with TrackIR or traditional hat views?


Oh I had no idea there was a new IL-2! Battle of Britain was so bad I just wrote the franchise off.


My TrackIR is in the closet. :)


nope. for me flight simulation is indulging my ten-year-old self who saw a mirage tearing down a valley loaded for bear and wanting to do that.

i dont give a flying fuck about competitive multiplayer, which is one area where screen and trackir are still superior. nor am i really interested in doing deep switchology with a manual on a second screen.

i just want to dance among the clouds on silver wings and touch the face of god. vr is ready for that.


Never, my TrackIR has now gathered a decent layer of dust. VR is kind of difficult to go back from.


There is, its being done by the guys who publish Rise of Flight. It’s fine really. I like its SP campaign system a lot. Its a mission generator with scripted missions sprinkled in for texture.

Technically it’s far far better than the Battle of Brittain one. It runs well and smooth. Looks and sounds great. Also VR.

One thing is that its expensive. 50 bucks for 8-planes and a map. Well not as expensive as DCS of course which is 50 bux for just a single map or a plane. Guess flying is for the well-to-do huh.


…aaand speaking of DCS; they just released their normandy map as well as a rendering engine update on their ‘alpha’ branch, DCS 2.1. Very pretty.

The dev posted in their forum to turn off MSAA and anisotropic filtering in the game and enable them in the nvidia panel in order to not completely bork the games speed. It helps and is highly playable in VR. I just done drop 10 Big Ol’ russiean 1000 pounders into the vegas trump tower. It did not collapse but then about half my eggs missed.


Mm, that Viggen. One of my favorites.

In DCS community news, an intrepid fellow on the Eagle Dynamics forums has written a dynamic campaign engine in LUA. Obviously, it isn’t especially large-scale, doesn’t have a true live war going on in the background, and is as janky as everything is in DCS. Having a Rise of Flight-esque campaign generator is, however, a major improvement over stock DCS, and the missions it generates are plausible, if a little difficult. (That may just be my particular entry, though.) There are campaigns now for several aircraft:

Nordic Battle - Viggens and F-16s against a Russian invasion of Georgia Sweden.
Operation Red Bear - Su-25T ground-attack fun
Desert Tiger and Desert Fishbed - ‘Air warfare exercises’ over Nevada, with hardware from 1976.
Screaming Eagle - F-15C in Desert Storm. (With Nevada subbing for Iraq.)