Recent air combat sim recommendations?


Surely they just run it though a conversion utility to do the job!! ;)

By the time they’re done everything will be put on hold so they can merge it with a newer v3…


yeah. that does seem like a likely scenario. but then, they might just pull something unexpected out of their collective colons.


I’ll be playing Rise of Flight for perhaps the last time this month. I want to get a handle on the Camel and the Dr.I. I might just tool around in them a bit rather then get involved in a campaign.

I still have to confirm in testing, but it seems like TrackIR works smoothly with force feedback now. I don’t notice any hitching. We’ll see.

According to my Google searches, they broke the 2D gauges in an update in 2015. You used to be able to move them around the screen. Now they’re fixed in somewhat annoying locations. The main gauges are right behind my joystick from the angle I sit, and the right gauges sit on top of the map. I could move the map, but I like it in the lower right.

It’s kind of sad that they haven’t improved that in the last 2 years. I guess it’s past time to retire this one.


lol isnt it rather time to put some bricks u der your monitor stand Tim.


…there’s always Wings over Flanders Fields…



Goddamn this thread been languishing. DCS have been teasing the remake of the free map, which also implies them finally merging all their different versions. About freaking time.

Top is old, bottom is new.

They also teased some sweet-ass new explosion effects.

In the other camp (also from Russia with love) the Il2 boys have been busy. They are building single player campaigns for Il2 that work exactly like the ones in RoF. Cool beans. They also released a map of the Kuban region, IE the same region as DCS’ Caucasus map. Battle of the sims lol.

Il2 still Fucking Rocks in VR. Also Spitfire.


Oh wow the Kuban stuff is out? Awesome. IL2 in VR is just amazing.


It’s in early access; the store page says that some of it is out - I’m not sure which planes are currently flyable. The full release was planned for December.


The spitfire, the henschel thing with the outside gunsight and weak french engines, the late model il2 and i think some messerschmitts. (i dont give half a shit for german machines except as targets) and the map itself are out. Still to come are new and improved single player campaigns for kuban, moscow and stalingrad, some more planes (P-39, A-20, La-5FN and another messerschmitt) and I think thats it. There’s talk that some unlikely candidates might be added as flyables such as the Li-2 (DC-3 clone) and the Po-2 little two seater observer plane / night bomber That would rock if it actually came to pass.

The spit is a thing of beauty. She flies great, punches fokkers right out of the sky, looks and sounds gorgeous. The Il2 model gets the great big guns and a tail gunner with a .50 cal. Much fun. The lend-lease planes that are still coming should be awesome as well with their american made .50s.


Huh, a RoF-style campaign might actually get me to fly my copy of Il-2:BOS. Neat. I’d like the excuse.


you should try the scripted campaigns they sell at their site. quality work imo. im halfway through the russian one. burning steppe?


Collector planes are also 40% off until the end of the month. Check your profile/promo codes section and there should be a discount code for each plane.


Here’s like four boring hours of me in the F-15 if anyone cares :P


Just did a awesome flight in il2-BoM. It’s the scripted one that kicks off the last part of the battle of moscow, rhzev. In this mission, you start off in the cockpit of a pe-2 deep inside enemy territory. Alone. returning from a recon flight. Making it home alive is the mission. And it was awesome! I flew the entire thing at treetop height, despite the mission brief hinting me to do it through the clouds. The sense of speed and threat was freaking awesome. It’s a good thing my hog is made of metal, or it would be sweaty as fuck.

I can’t wait for the new and improved career mode. and the La-5FN. And the P-39. claps hands gleefully If only this damn baby would look after herself lol.


Those of you who love pilot memoirs as much as I do… I discovered a whole bunch of WW2 memoirs in the Kindle store for $0.99-$1.20 each. Here’s a link to the post from the Books section, since I think a lot of you guys would enjoy these too:


The DCS guys are having a sale for the next week or so. Seriously thinking about picking up the Mirage!


I’ve found the Mirage tempting from time to time, but I think I’m going to save my money/flying time for the Harrier and then the Hornet, personally.


Really tempted by the Viggen… But I still have a ton of barely flown planes since you have to configure your controller individually for every freaking plane.


feh controller hassle

it made me ragequit (ragedeinstall?) DCS when un- and replugging my hotas made windows assign a different hardware identifier to it. And that made DCS forget ALL of my controller config settings. And that made me go ‘fuck this shit i want to fly’ and boot up il2


You already got this classic I assume? Worth re posting for those who do not yet own it. Not really a memoir just a step by step detailed guide to modern (WW2-ColdWar) fighter combat tactics.