Recent air combat sim recommendations?


Has anyone tried using a tobii eye tracker as a trackIR replacement? I am getting one tomorrow, will report on how well it works (I also have trackIR).


Finally some actual “gameplay”!

Pilot workload looks pretty high, so those looking to revisit old Tomcat games might be disappointed. DCS cockpit sim to the core, which is so freaking awesome! I want to build that thing in my basement, or at least have a miniature one on my desk I can fiddle with while working.

At the same time, Jester AI seems to have a bit more video game “soul” DCS sometimes lacks. Interesting juxtaposition.

Looks incredible.


Eye tracking is an interesting thought, but there would be a substantial learning curve for me. Oftentimes I want to turn my head so that my view moves with TIR, while still looking at a switch which is now in the middle of the screen.

Unless it’s smart enough to work that out, in which case it might be nice not having to wear a headset clip.


Yeah apparently there is a way to get it to work just like trackIR where you turn your head to turn the camera. I’m hoping that works well.


What would the eye-tracking do then? I can’t imagine how it would be if your view shifted as you moved your eyeballs. Super interested to hear how it turns out.


It’s certainly possible—FaceTrackNoIR has been doing camera-based headtracking for a long time. Presumably a commercial product will be the same idea but better executed.


That “turn on the walkman” voice command isn’t for real, is it?


As far as I can tell the head tracking is not the official way to use the product, but there are some 3rd party software to convert the motion to trackIR. Not sure if the eye tracking will still work in this mode.

The normal use of the eye tracking is for certain games that have integrated support, for instance you would look at a mirror in a game like American Truck Simulator and then it would focus the view on that mirror, etc.

The reason i got it is because it has a cool mode where it just shows a marker at whatever you’re looking at on the screen. My plan is to do chess broadcasts where my viewers can see the exact calculations i’m doing in my head as my eyes flick across to different squares of the board.


I’d watch that! Is there a chess thread here?


Maybe? The DCS Viggen actually has a working Walkman in it, although I haven’t gotten around to trying it.

With voice command, It might be a thing!


This guy flight sims.


Ralfidude is a gem. He has some videos where he goes into online servers with the callsign ‘Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz’.




Iron Eagle reference. Nice.



Had the soundtrack. Great song. Was sad Gimme Some Lovin’ wasn’t on it though.


I somehow forgot this movie existed for years. I guess I was always more of a Last Starfighter kid, but there was always time on Saturday afternoon for a viewing of Iron Eagle courtesy of TBS.


There’s a master arm override switch in the back right panel of the A-10C cockpit… Perhaps I could try that ground maverick shot in DCS :D

I always found it odd that in most Hollywood films (Topgun, Final Countdown) the planes were US navy but in Iron Eagle they were all Israeli air force. They did put on US roundels for the movie iirc, but the paintjobs and aircraft types are all very much Israel. F-16A for the main character with the distinct cafe-au-lait camo, Kfir and F-4E for the OPFOR.

Could it be that the US air force read that script and went cough’bullshit’cough and nixed it?


Yo it’s just another Bombcat


Yeah you couldn’t waggle a joystick and hit three of those in flightsimming land the last couple of decades, ammirite?

Watching that video I had just two words, but they were very loud: Fuck Yea!