Recent air combat sim recommendations?


And here’s another thing that made me go Fuck Yea!

It’s RazBam’s MiG-19P of glorious design of CCCP! Za Rodina Cyka Blyat!

Now back in the day, flying Falcon 3.0, there were few things I truly feared. Long sticks like the ones flankers threw, you could spoof and dodge. But MiG-19s… those were fucking scary man!

So now I get to pilot one :D And I will strike fear into the enemies of the workers’ paradise!


Up until Razbam put a picture of the MiG-19’s back end on their Facebook page, I didn’t know it was twin-engined.

Here’s my aviation geek badge and my resignation papers.


Freely given confession and a demonstrated desire for repentance are factors that instill a sense of leniency in the court that is incomensurate with the gravity of your crime.

The court sentenced you to strictly fly only the bland as kissing your sister F-15C for next twenty hours in DCS.


Not really familiar with the MiG-19, but how can you not love an aircraft with 5.3 seconds of firing time until your weapons go dry?


Pilot of peoples republic will never need more than a second per capitalist. So plenty ammo to make ace in a day!


Nice, F-16C Block 50 is well into development, and in addition to that Mig-19 there is a Mi-24P Hind on the way.


Mmmm… I like OPFOR aircraft. I’d like a working Rhino more, but the “nobody has ever really modelled those before” part of me would like to see some PVO aircraft (Su-x).


I’m most interested in the J-17, which will probably end up being the first non-Western multirole aircraft in DCS.


Just a heads up that the DCS Winter sale is going on through the weekend. Speaking of new releases, the C-101 Aviojet just saw a major upgrade and released the combat version with advanced flight model. It is still in Beta (as are most of them), but reports are it is a sweet little plane with a fabulous cockpit.

This is a two seater trainer with western style avionics. Nothing too high-tech about it. I’m sorely tempted myself, but have plenty on my plate with Hornet / Viggen / Mig-15 / Harrier / Tiger II / Spitfire / Flaming Cliffs jets.

edit: Goddamn that’s a nice screenshot. Resistance crumbling.


Give in. It also carries antiship missiles!

Besides, those are the devs who intend to build us a Mirage F1 when they are done with their trainer. Now that’s a hot little jet!


Counterpoint: if you have the Viggen, you already have 1) a module by the best third party developer, which can sling 2) the best anti-ship missiles currently modeled in the game.


But in order to do so, you must think in Swedish… Bork bork bork!

J’ai appris penser en Francais pour la mirage et je ne croix pas que ca truc marchera pour moi une deuxieme fois et en Suedois non plus!

For me the Viggen will always remain fucking foreign, perhaps even more so than the Soviet machines.


Hnngngng this just dropped: almost 30 minutes of feline goodness!


This thread has dragged me back to sims, after a long period of disinterest. I got an Edtracker Pro and Thrustmaster TWCS throttle, to go with my trusty MS Precision Pro. Just when I thought I was out…


You just missed the DCS winter sale. Il-2s is still going on.


I have enough to last me a while. I picked up Elite, and I have Falcon 4 (so BMS), plus the old IL2, Red Baron 3D, EF2000…

I suddenly have a high tolerance for lower-quality graphics – I think it’s because I really appreciate the work that went into simulating this stuff properly rather than doing the smoke-and-mirrors work that goes into every other genre.


Effin’ A mate.

One of the reasons I have fallen head over heels in love with flight simming again when I got the rift, is exactly that, the depth of simulation and the realness that that brings. It’s what I have always looked for in games, be they Witcher 3 or Civilization 4.

Booting up a MiG-15 and then blatting some fool from the sky is just… for me it’s just right. But I’m also a huge graphics whore. I like 'em shiny :D
VR also murdered, terminated, stone cold killed sims like old il2 and Falcon 4 for me. To go back to a screen would feel to me like playing without sound or something.

Anyway, Right On mate on getting your HOTAS and headtracking plugged in. We may fly different sims but if you want to talk slices, split-S’s and high yoyo’s I’m your man :D


I picked today the latest issue of Guerres & Histoire, a Frecnh magazine which is a fine read, especially in France since a lot of their informed research is based on publications of the English speaking world that are otherwise pretty much ignored here (if not for gaming, I wouldn’t have been aware of that wonderful outside world, but let’s end the ranting here).
Anyway, that issue is pretty much focused on flying combat, and there is an interview of an Iranian F-14 pilot of the 8th, but not one of the moustaches pictured. Here is a portrait of him back in the days, from the magazine, which I am posting here in total illegality.

There is also a portrait of him from this year, but sadly he didn’t take the same pose.


Kidding, kidding. ;)


Those guys rocked it pretty hard against the Iraqis I read. Those machines badly outclassed anything they flew against. It’s a pretty awesome achievement of the Iranians that they can still keep a bunch of those decrepit old derelicts of an elegant less civilized age airworthy.