Recent air combat sim recommendations?


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Aint that what the navy is? :p





So what are people in VR doing for mouse controls? Binding to HOTAS or just switching to the mouse as needed?


I bind mouse functions to HOTAS, and in DCS use the gaze cursor.


Any particular buttons? I’m thinking the throttle wheel for the wheel (duh), but not sure about the actual buttons. Maybe the wheel click for left mouse and the button by the pointer as right click (mine’s an X52 Pro), but I’m also thinking the clutch button might make sense.


If you look at my post 12 days ago of my desk mount setup, I also got the mouse add-on that puts it right next to the joystick. Makes it easy to grab “blind.”


I have a x56, on the left side of the throttle it has a nice detented wheel and an up/down rocker switch, practically made for mouse functions.



In DCS I just use the touch controllers to do anything I previously did with the mouse. I either keep one dangling from my arm with the wrist strap, or just resting on my lap.


Zerg rush incoming? How is that coming along?


Do the touch controllers override the cursor then?


I grab the mouse, peeking down the nose gap if it aint where it oughta be.

Nothing has come out of ED so far on that front, save a “we are working on it” in the 2019 year plan they published.


Squeezing the grip button takes control of the cursor and lets you move it around like a laser pointer. Then you can use it to left/right click, and the analogue stick functions as a mouse wheel. I’ve got used to using my touch controllers as a mouse in VR, for all kinds of things, so it feels natural for me now.

You can also press buttons in the cockpit by pushing them with your virtual hand, but I think the implementation is still early and kind of finicky.


Not a combat air sim, but I figured might be of interest to some folks here.


Did you know that Microprose has been RISEN FROM THE GRAVE?

“CEO David Lagettie of MicroProse”

“WarBirds 2020”

Wild Bill Stealey says, “It will be fun to be working with MicroProse again to do great simulation games! "




Wow. Cool. And Wild Bill! Love that guy.

I played a lot of Warbirds back in the 90s. I remember going on a B-25 raid with 6 or 7 other planes and full-on role-playing our comms and strategy as being one of the better sim moments I’ve ever had.


Bill is back to MP? The only thing cooler than that would be the return of Andy Hollis.


Holy. Shit.


I don’t think so. He’s CEO of iEntertainment, the Warbirds guys, and it sounds like they’ll be working together with Microprose (it sure feels weird to be writing that in 2019) on the next Warbirds game.


Its only a name so far and one of the old hands. Not getting hot over this one yet. I am also quite uninterested in a pay-to-play MP only thing. Thanks but no thanks.

Sorry to be a wet blanket.

(gets back in his corner to play with the buttons and knobs of his toy planes)