Recent air combat sim recommendations?


Speaking of…



Works on PC


That’s a fine entry level HOTAS. As a bonus, its the only one currently working with Ace Combat 7.


Falcon Gold on sale for ninety-seven cents!


do I need to make sure to have a maths coprocessor installed to get the best performance?


I’m pretty sure DOSBox can manage a 486.

I am guessing it’s the same as the GOG version, but I am still asking: does the Steam version have the manuals for MiG-29 and F-18 (not simply the key references), by any chance?


Make sure you’re MMX-enabled!


Who’s got two thumbs and bought his first P166 two months before MMX was announced?


No MMX here, and unfortunately my Pentium 60 seems to have a floating point error in it. Anybody know what to do about that? Can I use my GPU to fix the error?


Just for the all the LULZ on this sale, but don’t buy Falcon Gold on Steam. Buy it at GOG so you get F4 tossed in for free.


Ha ha ha! I think that actually happened to me. I remember my venerable P166 well - I think it was paired with a gargantuan 64Mb of ram and a Diamond Monster 3D accelerator card which had what John Carmack at the time labeled “ass kicking performance”. Fortunately if I remember this correctly the MMX had no impact really on 3D games which was how I soothed myself.

I am old. :(


Pfft. I put in an AdSpeed MHz doubler (14.7 MHz!!) 68000 in my Amiga. Nobody nowhere told you that no CPU speed increase would take effect until you put faster RAM in the Amiga.

And then I bought a 68030 expansion, again, with no faster RAM.

Kids these days


Do you want me to bring my ZX spectrum into this fight?


Oh if we’re comparing grey pubes here son lemme tell ya about reading old Creative Computings on microfiche


GOG has the Falcon collection for $4.99 (normally $9.99) right now.

Falcon, Falcon AT, Falcon Gold, and Falcon 4.0.


So who is playing with the Mig-19?


I am, but didn’t manage more than 30 minutes after installation before I had to some dad shit. Its gorgeous. Also very Russian.

On the very other end of the technical spectrum in the same sim, the hornet gained a new way of employing HARM and some very fancy datalink networking.


I posted this little review of the MiG-19 Farmer on another forum but thought you guys might want to enjoy it too, so here goes:

The pit is just groovy.

It’s a deep pit, so you cant readily look down. You do get a good view on the upper hemisphere. Looking back at the tail is quite doable, with an unrestricted view over the shoulder.

It’s also a small pit, at least compared to the other machines I have flown lately (the A-10C, the Hornet and the Mirage) with no need for VR zoom because everything is so close to you.

Forward view is meh, lots of clutter. There’s a big ol’ chunk of yesterdays’ high tech hanging off the canopy bow right in your face. Not ideal, but the MiG-23 is going to be far worse in that respect I read :wink:

It’s also a fairly dark pit, but the two panel lights work nice, and you can use a cursor flashlight.

I foresee getting quite at home in this little pit. It works just fine in VR, and it’s not quite as simple systems-wise as the MiG-15.

This jet also is hot as heck . It wants to go fast . Taking off it just leaps off the ground, you need to restrain both it and yourself a bit to keep from striking the tail. Landing it took all kinds of careful coaxing it to the ground, tho it’s not as finnicky to land as the MiG-21 is.

God, I just can’t believe we now have 3, not one, not two but three full detail MiGs. What a time to be alive.

(screenshots blatantly stolen because I fly VR and that yields utterly shitty screenshots)


Now go find some low-block F-16s to shoot down. (Farmers were death machines in F3)