Recent air combat sim recommendations?


Awesome. I will tinker with her on Sunday when I get back from a little trip. She’s a beauty!



I am so excited for that. I can’t wait.


Anytime, baby!

Except, of course, a -29 would eat a Turkey for lunch in BFM.


There can always be circumstances that allow the turkey to win. Luck. Terrain. Pilot error. These things are not decided in advance. That’s why flying them is so much fun :D

If you want to dispute, I’d challenge you to MiG’s at 10.000 paces good sir! I’d be glad to take the inferior machine in order to show you the error of your ways.


Heatblur’s released the Tomcat launch trailer.

If DCS was even a third as cool as its trailers, I would never play another game.

As it is, now that I know they’re developing a native dynamic campaign, I’m a lot more likely to wait until that’s closer before I spend any more on modules. Putting the finishing touches on my Hornet and Harrier skills will more than fill my time.


How did these airplane dorks get so good at making trailers?


Watching Top Gun, presumably.




Actually, if you run a well crafted scripted campaign, it becomes plenty game imho. Things like ‘Enemy Within’, ‘Museum Relic’ or the Mirage2k stuff are very immersive, fun and well written.


Looking forward to seeing Captain Marvel this weekend. One throw away comment compared parts of it to Top Gun.



Still working on Time Pilot, although it has slowed considerably due to work. Just recorded a bunch of dialogue last weekend.

Hopefully that one can be added to the list of fun scripted campaigns when finished.


Ahem. Very first time I’ve read something on the internet that was wrong. I feel like a child who has found out that his parents are only human.

OK movie. Middle Marvel. Will take rest to movie forum.


I remember laughing so hard on my first contact with the then Angry Nintendo Nerd, watching that sequence over and over.


I actually rented that one when I was 7 or 8. Landing on that carrier was hard as hell.

@schurem is that Ambush video representative of the Jester AI???


Dunno for sure. I’ll tell you next week, OK?


Cobra8472 Mar 2, 2019, 2:42 PM
Not Jester! sorry for the lack of disclaimer. It’s a “multicrew” video in a sense, some of it was recorded in MCrew.

Ok, that’s not too surprising. I would have been just astonished if that was actual AI audio.


So who is excited? :) Wonder when it will release.


I am! About 14:00Z.


That movie is amazing!

My 12 year old TOP GUN loving self is geeking out.