Recent air combat sim recommendations?


Here,this’ll get you hoppin too then :D


DCS World is updating…

EDIT: And now Tomcat is downloading…


Faster faster porco dio!


Underside of the carrier looking good.


and of course the very moment the thing is done installing, four kids at a time melt down and wife is cooking. FUCK!


Stolen from another forum:


My brain automatically played the Top Gun background music when I saw that screen.

The Fighter Pilot Podcast episode on the F-14 was interesting from a pilot impression standpoint, but alas those guys weren’t as meaty in their info as some of Jello’s guests.


This is me after my first flight in the Tomcat. I have an ego even larger than the plane right now :D


Ohhh, great looking podcast. Might there be a similar podcast about attack aircraft, like the A-10 or the A-1? Those are my faves.


Christ, I had to make the picture big and squirt my eyes to notice this was a computer game, no kidding.


Wait. That’s a GAME?! Holy shit.


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Awesome! Thanks for the links. Will only be able to fly on the weekend. :(


Its straight out of my oculus’ framebuffer, hence the weird image dimension.


It’s not a game, it’s a simulation.



My current desktop:


Argh, the Turkey’s only in the beta build? I’d switched to the release version because the betas started breaking little things like controller support.

I mean, I can install the beta too, but then the module registration gets wonky if you delete one of them, double the size, etc…


I don’t really see much reason to recommend the release version, given that they so rarely fix anything from the beta version prior to pushing it to the release.


But a simulation that is meant to be played with. A toy then?

Press ctrl-y to get rid of that info bar when making desktop backgrounds.

@DennyA use an app called skatezilla launcher to easily switch beta to release. Controller breakage happened once and is not a regular occurrence.


Well guys, how are y’all digging the mighty tomcat? All lost on the highway to the danger zone?