Recent air combat sim recommendations?

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From my 30 seconds on the controls of a Spitfire a few years ago, and the residual memory of the uncomfortable yawning in my stomach, those planes are amazingly sensitive to even the smallest nudge.

OK all you fancy pants fighter pilots.

Now that I know how to drop some cluster bombs and shoot some rockets… how in the world do you target trucks on the ground. I literally can’t see them until I plow my F18 into the ground 30 feet in front of them. I turned labels on, but the labels are so ridiculously big they cover the actual units.

Enlighten this blind bat!

Dot labels are your friend. There’s a reason the A-10 is not a supersonic jet, but a big, straight-winged beast. Being close to the action is the only way to reliably find ground targets with the nekkid eye.

So in your fast jet you need help. Magical red marks are one way. Using Intel from your briefing, a target pod, etc are another, more laborious if not realistic way. There’s a reason bat-21 told the fast movers to drop on the tree line north of the smoke, and not on the infantry that’s shooting him. The fast movers are not seeing the infantry. The tree line is about the smallest target they can realistically aim for.

For you in your DCS hornet it’s the same. But you can be your own FAC. Pause the sim and use the F10 map to orient yourself. Notice the location of your target in relation to visible things such as tree lines, rivers and roads.

An alternative to this is the modern high tech way, ie find out the exact coordinates, feed those to your nav/attack system and bomb the designated area. I haven’t bothered to learn that myself.

Dot labels, is that different than the name labels?

So I can use normal pause and use them map to look around? Nice.

I’m curious about something regarding pause. What are you supposed to use active pause for? Last time I used it an enemy missile shot me down anyways, so I was quite surprised at that.

Yes, have some experimentation with them.

Yes, but some mission designers hide targets, so they may not show up on your map.

It is useful for doing stuff with your MFD’s. Like setting up the radar, or a bomb drop. Something as simple as a bomb can be remarkably finicky. For pilot shit, such as missile evasion, better use regular pause to get your bearings.

Ohhh, so the battle still rages on, but you’re just suspended in space? It won’t let you do stuff with the MFD’s in normal pause (I’m not on computer at the moment)?

That’s right. It might stop all movement, not quite sure. I hardly ever use it. “Real pause” just stops the sim. You get to move camera viewpoints and that’s it.

Pause is very useful for getting your bearings. What the fuck is happening here?! The term the cool people use is “a helmet fire”. IRL the only way to deal is to simplify your situation and GTFO. In the sim, pause it. Analyse. Have a think. Then unpause it and continue.

When you get to the level where just operating the machine is no longer the biggest challenge, but driving it right is, it’s time to look into a tool called Tacview. This allows you to clearly analyse your flight.

It is very useful, in fact it’s one of the Big Things from the 80s that the blues had over the reds; instrumented recorders were flown on all fighters on exercises like Red Flag. Then they all got together afterwards in a sort of theatre and watched the replay from those recorders. Because the pods didn’t just do a guncam, but provided telemetry, they had a clear 3D picture of who was where and at what speed. ACMI as it was called was a true revolution in pilot training. And with Tacview you can do that bit of pilot shit yourself.

So I’m making a big ship battle in the Persian Gulf where I’m going to throw a fleet of Russian Ships against a fleet of US ships. Is there a way to drag and select the whole fleet to set a waypoint for them all together? Or do I have to do it one at a time?

If the ships are not in a group, no. In Putin’s Russia, group selects you!

How do I put them into a group? Manually sending each ship on it’s own is killing my carpal tunnel lol.

Make a ship. There’s a 1 of 1 thingie. Increase 2nd number.

That just clones it though? I have 10 different types of ships I’d like to have in the same group.

You can select unit 3 of 12 and make that be the Udaloy, unit 4 of 12 the Moskva and unit 5 of 12 the Pjotr Veliki.

OK cool. Mind if I ask one more question? How do I tell the game to have me start on the carrier deck ready to catapult? Once I have this I can see what kind of carnage I’ve enabled :)

I should note I started this mission design from scratch.

Start on runway as waypoint type for your first waypoint.