Recent air combat sim recommendations?

Nevermind I figured out what is wrong. I followed a hunch in that the beta seemed to be performing worse than when I’d played the Steam version. So I took the mission to Steam non-beta and did the run again and it worked just fine. So I did 12 more hours of testing trying to see if a weapons load-out in beta was bugged. Spoiler - they’re not. But I did notice something interesting. Every time an F-18A took off, when it went to retract its landing gear the game crashed. This is why it seemed like it crashed 5 minutes in every time. Deleted the F-18 in beta and voila! No crash. Made a scenario with just an F-18A flying and it crashes every time.

I can’t believe I’m the first person to notice this problem, but I guess no one else want to run scenarios with every aircraft in it lol.

Heh, baby found his first unique bug! Report it on the ED forum.

Do they have an Apache where you can fly coop with one person at the flight controls, the other manning the weapons? One of my favorite sim gaming memories was from WAY back when my brother and I played Andy Hollis’s Apache sim, flying the missions in the campaign in coop mode in the same chopper.

Not yet, but there’s a Longbow Apache due for release late this year, they claim.

Day one buy for me, even given how little flight simming I’ve been doing lately.

First up is the Mi-24P Hind, also multicrew. Should be fun :D

Hey Jeff, check it out: They fixed your bug!

  • Crash when loading a mission with F/A-18A - fixed

I saw that! They responded in less than a day when I posted the crash bug, and now a patch already.

Haven’t seen this one mentioned much. Sim-lite is probably a fair description, but the addition of carriers is interesting.

I play regular world of warships, and the way carriers impact that game is neither realistic nor fun.

The flying in World of Warships is all third person with no sim aspect.

Kids, DCS is free for 10 days, and having a sale. Get you jet/chopper/warbird on bitches!

And if you like something that you fly, the planes are all on Lunar New Year sale as well.

Since stuff is on sale. For easier flights and more fun, do I want the F5E or the Mirage?

My thought is the F5E would be easier to fly (not sure), but I’ve the Mirage has an amazing campaign. Thoughts?

Mirage, but F-5 itself is fun as well. Mirage has a bit more knobs to twiddle and a gorgeous HUD. F-5 has no flight computer, also no content built for it to speak of.

LOL, that’s exactly why I was considering it. Lack of fiddly bits. Would the Mirage take a lot of work to learn vs. the F18?

There’s one or two campaigns I saw for the F5. Not nearly as good as the Mirage?

Havent flown 'em. I love the F-5 for quick dogfights and stuff.

The mirage is about one third as complex as a hornet, as it lacks almost all the A-G stuff, the datalink, etc. Its got two kinds of missiles for its primary role, fighter. Also two sweet, sweet guns that will fuck up a flanker.

Oh one other difference: the mirage has one big honking engine that will put some hair on your chest. The F-5 has two tiny thingamibobs that will hardly push it past the mach after a straight run of a mile or hundred. On a good day.

Check out the A-4E, an almost contemporary of the F-5. Its a free mod:

Now if you want to challenge gourself with a weird cantankerous bitch of an airplane, get the MiG-21. So much fun. If you can take off, find and shoot an F-5, then land with one of those,you’re a true cheeki breeki slav.

During my time with DCS I liked the F5 quite a bit. If you want to feel like you’ve ‘mastered’ a plane and able to go through all the pre flight stuff, get a sense of its eccentricities and flyfeel, without devoting many hours it’s a good plane. Simple enough to get into the switchology without kneeboards, tears, and having to hear your partner in the other room yell “why do you keep sighing???” (true story, that happened more than once when i was trying to figure out the viggen).

I mostly want to be able to shoot stuff as easily as possible. It would be nice to be able to hop into a plane and do some AA/AG stuff with ease.

doesn’t simulate the ability to drink the coolant from the radar

no sale

Bzzzt! Wrong. New F-5 campaign:

Also, the F-5 lets you pretend to be a MiG-28 pilot. Can you do a four-negative-G dive?