Recent air combat sim recommendations?

I have as much faith in the Zombie Microprose as I do, say, Zombie Atari.

They’ve got “Wild Bill” on board, but real Microprose was guys like Meier, Hollis, and TK.

The current MP folks are talking the talk, but until that first product is actually released…

Yeah that’s exactly how I feel. I’ll see how their first few releases go…

Don’t you dare compare them to zombi Atari lol. That was a grift scheme from the outset.

I know, right? But the current MP page has a section called “what we do” - and then shows a picture of all the classic MP games of yore. Problem is, naturally, not a single one of the developers responsible for any of those products is currently working with Neo Microprose.

It just makes me cranky. It’s like one of the associate engineers or something on one of, say, Nirvana’s albums decides to release a new “Nirvana” album… with all new musicians

Saw this little cocktease on the Zombie Microprose discord: " I dunno where to upload the portable build of Mig Alley I assembled, but gotta share this joy somehow. It’s been a decade of trying to run it."


Wait what where TELL ME

I don’t know if nuMicroProse is going to do much developing themselves. Afaik they’re aiming to be a publisher mostly. And the Task Force Pacific thing of @Amiral_Crapaud is looking mighty fine if you ask me. There’s also the thing the other side of killerfish games (those of Cold Waters and Atlantic Fleet) is making, Missile combat or something. That looks sweet as well.

I’d say they have about 60% chance to be as cool as old MPS was. They also have some fairly meh titles in their portfolio in my opinion. The Army men wargame does little for me, nor does the military shooter thing.

I agree that F-19 III would be cool. I also am convinced that with a little effort you can replicate the experience of planning and flying a route to evade detection, playing cat and mouse with diverse sensor platforms in the DCS mission editor with a little effort and dedication. Get to it mr Rubin! :P

Fuck that I don’t wanna make it myself, that’s what I pay OTHER PEOPLE for.

DCS Viggen, with one of the dynamic campaign mods, gave me a pretty good experience along those lines. (If you’re more than 500 feet AGL in the Viggen and you aren’t popping up to fire rockets or drop bombs, you’re doing it wrong.)

Does it work under Windows 10? I could never get the isos to install under 10 because of those damn 16-bit installers near the end of installation.

You can pick it up on steam. I always wanted it as a kid but I didn’t have the hardware… ;-)

I play it occasionally for nostalgia’s sake. It still has a sparkle in its eye. :-)

No idea. It’s just somebody on the Microprose discord either talking bollox or not sharing.

Here’s the 411, tho: Rowan released the source code for both MiG Alley and Battle of Britain 2. The community focused on BOB2, since WW2 wins over everything. The person on the discord might have found a way to compile MA in a modern environment. I dunno… folks interested in MA might want to go to the legacy flight sim section of the MP discord and bug the guy.

That would be cool if they did that. I understand that the developers of that old Apache Havoc combat sim released the source code and the community supposedly turned into into something amazing. Would be nice to see something similar happen with Mig Alley.

Apache/Comanche indeed saw a robust source mod, although its development has pretty much died down these days.

I’d like to see a Mig Alley modernization patch myself. Rowan was really swinging for the fences in its final days.

If you have access to a 3D printer and you want to take your Spitfire simulation up a notch in DCS, IL-2, etc, there’s now a 3D printable Spitfire control stick, with authentic throttle, gear switch, and flaps switch in the works:

Might be a fun summer project.

Apparently a new version of Wings over Flanders Fields is on the way, and it looks great. Here’s a video from the beta.

Will it have VR? It needs to have VR :) It’s the most perfect thing ever for it.

I don’t know and no it doesn’t. ;)

Flying circus does have VR and excellent visuals, sound and flight dynamics. What it lacks compared to WOFF are the AI and career mode.

VR will only happen if they can update the ancient CFS3 engine to DX11+… it’s not a priority, and it will likely not happen.

Flying Circus, as @schurem mentioned, is gorgeous in VR. It is miles inferior to WoFF in AI and the dynamic campaign.