Recent air combat sim recommendations?

OK, that new version of WOFF may be what it takes to get me to purchase/build a gaming PC plus accessories. I used to build a new system every year when I was reviewing flight sims for the magazines, but some time ago we turned into a console + laptops house.


Are they still using CFS3 as the engine?

¯_(ツ)_/¯ Probably?

I seemed to have misplaced my copy of cfs3. I guess it doesn’t require it for install any more, but that’s a bummer.

YEah that is a bummer, but yeah you no longer need a copy of CFS3 to install or run WoFF.

Losing a copy of CFS3 is no big deal, because EAW is for sale at GOG :)

Man, we got 3 classic sims all at once in 98 - EAW, CFS3, and WW2 Fighters. So spoiled.

God damn that was a good year.

It was more if it became an issue again in the future with WOFF. I guess I should install WOFF again and maybe get that platinum edition expansion, because the ultimate edition wasn’t enough. :)

I’d not get anything until this new thing comes out.

My first review for CGW was a two page spread on strategy for WWII sims, using those 3 as the basis for the article. I’d been writing for CGS+/CGM for a while and @Editer seduced me to come write for him and “the big boys” (Of course, Denny later went on to become the EIC at CGM!)

Those were glorious days to be a simmer. We had more sims to review than we had time to review them. And some really good ones too, many of which have been mentioned on here like the Rowan sims.

@Editer hired me on an 800-word stringer for games like Re-volt, the expansion to Wing Commander Prophecy, and a forgotten (literally - can’t seem to find it anywhere) F-15 arcade-style cheapy based on the Jane’s F-15 engine (whose name I’ve also forgotten).

Good times :) CGW paid well per word, too. I needed some of those checks :)

Yeah, they certainly paid a lot more than CGS+/CGM, though I enjoyed writing for those people. And I was blown away by the artwork and layout CGW did for my article.

Good times.

Late '90s were a golden age for flight sims, only thing that sucked was forever fighting the upgrade wars…::shudder::.

Once you had a Glide card – even the base Voodoo 1 – and a 300 Mhz CPU, you were OK for quite a while

The TNT2 kinda changed everything, but that was, what, 1999?

Ah, those were the days indeed. And VR was a distant pipe dream.

Yeah, I started updating or rebuilding my computer every year in order to review the latest sims. Of course, I did get a magazine to pay for one of my builds for a “Building a computer for dummies” type article. ;)

Thought I’d re-post this question here in case some of you don’t venture into hardware sub-forum.

I decided I want to get a trackball mouse that I can set on a small barstool chair right next to me so I can do some mousing while I’m in VR for my flight sims. I’ve never had or used a trackball before and I’m not sure what I would adapt well to. So far I’ve looked at Kensington and Logitech’s but have no idea what would be best.

I’ve owned both (as well as the late, great Microsoft trackball). They’re both good, it’s really a matter of picking a physical layout you like. I’d say go for a center “poolball” design rather than one with a small ball designed for thumb manipulation. I’d lean towards the Kensington because the larger ball offers more precise control.

OK, I’m doing that. As I was looking at so many HOTAS setups I saw a lot of people with these tricked out seats that not only had spots for their HOTAS, but also a small mouse platform as well. But I can’t connect anything else to my chair without it toppling over from being so unbalanced. Some of the shapes of the setups I’ve seen like this:

made me think about what I could do to replicate it. Remembered I have a foldable barstool downstairs so I think I can make this work for me. Will post a pic in a sec.