Recent air combat sim recommendations?

That is true, I prefer inside-out tracking as well for the same reason. Though for sims I think you’d only need to set one base station up, and I doubt they’re as finicky as the OG Rift sensors.

The inside-out tracking on the G2 is not great compared to the Rift S, however that’s mainly an issue with the tracked controllers. With sims it wouldn’t matter so much.

Note that I still use my G2 over my Rift S, even for tracked controller games like No Man’s Sky. Lucky the image and audio quality is so much better, because it feels like a bit of a downgrade everywhere else (comfort, tracking, controllers, software). :)

It’s not recent, but Crimson Skies is on Gamepass now…

Wait what?!?

It is in the cloud gaming service

For PC and Xbox or just Xbox?

You can play on pc through the cloud gaming service I think. That is where I found it when looking, because it wasn’t showing up in a search in the pc gamepass app. You might be able to play through normal gamepass on xbox.

Checking real quick the cloud service allows me to hit play on the pc.

Is the cloud gaming service the same thing as game pass?

I believe it is part of gamepass ultimate.

Try going to Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) on and signing in. IIRC it didn’t like Firefox, so I’ve used Edge. It might work with Chrome as well.

Yeah looks like it’s a different gamepass than the one I have. Phooey.

I’ve been inspired by Why485’s Tiny Combat Arena to visit one of my favorite eras of combat flight sims, the late 80s to early 90s, starting with one of my all-time favorites: Megafortress.

I also have a copy of A-10 Tank Killer incoming, and already own Tornado.

This is gonna be a blast.


Hey guys! $4!

Didn’t that one have the A-12 Avenger II as a flyable? A year or so before it got cancelled just short of maiden flight?

Yeah, the AX and the F-22N.

Hey they stealth released Flying Corps back in June too. Does that mean… MIG Alley at some point? Dare we dream?

MiG Alley is hard to get running in modern OSes. It’s half-DOS, half-early Windows .DLLs 16/32 bit stuff. Only way I got it kinda working was in PCem Win98.

Too much work for the abandonware guys, I think

Does it show released for you? It still shows coming soon for me.

OMG great job guys.

Took multiple tries to calibrate my stick too.

A boy can dream; along with Janes USAF Fighters which was broken by Windows XP; but yes it’s weird that we have this gap around the milllennium where games just don’t work on modern PCs and nobody’s written wrappers for them like even early glide stuff gets