Recent air combat sim recommendations?

Here’s a restored pre-production Phantom for sale out of French Valley Airport in California. Maybe we can pool our money and make an offer. I got about tree fiddy on hand.

Love to! How’s tomorrow night for you? 2024-06-01T18:00:00Z Do you have any maps such as Nevada?

The only DLC map I have is Syria. To be honest, I’m just looking for a server to buzz around, shoot the breeze, with the occasional informal “fight’s on”. I can barely chew gum and walk at the moment (i.e. A-7 driver level) so I’m staying far away from the try hard servers… although I hear with the current level of Phantom inexperience, it’s fun taking '15s against them :) Silly Phantom drivers trying to turn and burn

I was thinking i’d host you myself, have a little flight together, do some formation work, maybe some BFM. I built a little thing for us to fly on Cyprus. It has no AI air, but some FlAK and ground targets. If we want to do air combat, there’s red client slots.

God, going down the rabbit hole again, even with a jet as simple as the Sabre. Repeated test sorties to build muscle memory. Writing down keypresses and button assignments.

The one problem I have, with my older eyes, is that I really have to zoom in (I have a throttle axis assigned to zooming my view!) to read some of these switches. Is that because I’m using DLSS, or is it because I’m going blind? Sheesh, flying isn’t an old man’s game :\

Little bit of both. DLSS and too much or too little sharpening will make it less readable. Older pits aren’t VR optimised and readability suffers. On my G2, I have lens inserts made to spec. This way, I have my glasses built into the headset. It’s awesome, I see sharper in the sim than IRL ;-)

So I’m having a blast flying the F-15C around Hoggit’s training server, shooting AI ducks, learning the switchology, and practicing my take offs and landings, learning to walk again before I run. I’ve played more DCS in the last week than in the last few years :)

The lower-fidelity AC and simple birds like the Sabre are about all my CPU/GPU/RAM can take in VR and MP, and the view’s still a little glitchy and stuttery even with those. The Phantom at this point is more than my system can handle even in SP but I’m sure HB’s working on it and once it is (in two weeks) I’ll be more ready to dive into the Sled.

Have you tried turnkng down the LOD bias a bit in the options screen? 0.7 is quite acceptable in most situations and looks fine. DLSS is a good thing to have on too.

You’re not having fun in your Dead Cockpit Sim, are you?

I’ll try that. LOD is at 1 now.

I am actually having fun with DCS FWIW. There is some eye-rolling nonsense with it (ATC in MP, for example, is beyond broken) and I understand there’s a level of wonkiness in it that you just have to live with and work around.

It’s like ArmA in so many respects, in that it’s just plain busted in so many ways, particularly in SP, but there’s really nothing else out there trying to do what DCS is.

The instant that ED pulls Razbam shenanigans on Heatblur, though, is the instant that I uninstall it forever. Im lucky I’ve only bought one (Mig-21) piece of abandonware. I feel for the Mudhen buyers.

MiG-21 isn’t abandonware. It’s still getting low key maintenance. Iirc the dev are even slowly working on a 2.0 of it. But they’re small and overextended. I mean, it’s been how long since the F4U was announced as ‘imminent’?

Yes DCS is very much like ARMA. Same roots in being an offshoot from Serious Millitary Software, and both being janky as fuck. Also both do something nothing else does. Probably on account of them having strong connections to their SMS branches.

Would you believe I mainly fly DCS in SP? Despite the abysmal AI. The utterly barebones gameplay features. Just getting in a mighty machine of death and burning up some targets is often all I need. For me, DCS lives in the “instant action” menu.

On the rare occasions that I have more time to dedicate, say an hour or two, I either fly campaign scripts (ome of those are really good fun) or I run the interactive training scripts on things new or forgotten (how do I use unguided rockets in the Mi-24 again?).

Only once in a blue moon do I fly with people, and never ever on servers with rando’s. Don’t know why, just doesn’t appeal to me.

Spill them. The only thing I’ve downloaded so far are the awesome 3rd party F-15C training missions.

And I am surprised you’re an SP guy. Honestly, I thought you’d be big in the Hoggit community.

re: the Mig-21… my bad. It’s a Leatherneck bird, not a Razbam bird, innit? So yeah, not abandonware, just a very old bird that needs more love.

So this guy is making his own indie Defender helicopter sim:

And one of the best classic flight sim guys, Damson, is streaming it right now. Definitely shades of Gunship 2000 and Tiny Combat Arena.

So I swapped out my 3060ti 8GB for a 4060ti 16GB.

And in DCS… hehehe. Heh. Heh.

No more visual glitches. Spent 2 hours “in the office” without even noticing :)

Congratulations on the upgrade. My 3080ti will have to soldier on at least 8 more months.

Microprose has added long abandoned Combat Air Patrol 2 (EA in 2016, last update 2020) to its vaporware roster.