Recent or not so recent shooters

I’ve been playing a lot of PS2 games lately and haven’t played though a new shooter since Tron 2.0 or Hidden and Dangerous 2. I’m looking for any recent FPS games that will run on my PC (AMD 2400+, 256 RAM and GeForce 3).

Games like Chaser and Chrome didn’t get great reviews, but were they worth maybe $10 or $20?

Liberal use of the search function will provide some opinion on Far Cry. I think your rig could handle it except for the RAM. Try the demo though, reduced textures and it might be manageable.

Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow is a good FPS. It’s more of a sneaker type FPS though. I am not sure your GF3 would be good enough for FarCry though.

The Far Cry demo ran ok on my computer but at such low settings it almost isn’t worth it. I think Quake 2 at highest settings looks better then Fry Cry at it’s lowest. Does that make sense?

The Pandora Tomorrow demo ran ok on my computer at decent settings, it might run better on the PS2 but I still kinda suck at PS2 shooters, asides from the more action oriented titles like Rachet and Clank.

I don’t know about RAM issues, but you can also check out Painkiller and XIII if you haven’t yet.

I’d check out Call of Duty. I’m using a computer almost the same as your (AMD 2500, 256 mb ram, GeForce FX5600), and it runs great on a lower res with about mid-range settings. Very cinematic shooter, and a pretty intense online battle as well.

I am currently playing Far Cry… I have no idea why I never picked this one up originally- well I do actually- I did the multiplayer beta and it sucked- actually multi player is still pretty lacking, but the single player is great fun.

Very much a HL clone I have noticed but for an fps, it is definitely one of my highlights this year.

I also second CoD…My neck and hands used to lock up in cramps from being so tense playing this game. Very linear but wonderful atmosphere.

btw, FC looks great on my machine- 2200 Athlon, 512 ram and a Gefore3 ti 200. It looks and runs much better than the beta… you machine will run it fine.

Far Cry’s performance has been heavily improved with patching since release. It should be much better now. Other shooters I’ve really enjoyed recently were CoD (single player) and UT2k4 (multiplayer). I also picked up NOLF2 recently for five pounds (US$10), which was a bargain.


Painkiller, Joint Operations, UT2004, and Call of Duty. Maybe even Jedi Academy, though it’s more of a Third Person Wizard game than a shooter.

I think Call of Duty is horribly overrated. Its one of those games that has only grown worse in my opinion after having beat it. The pacing is way too relentless- at the beginning its intense but by the end of the American campaign its just numbing. There are no tactics to speak of and the level design becomes very repetitious.

I loved Call of Duty, and after finishing Pacific Assault, my opinion of CoD has gotten even higher. Every war-themed game I play makes me want to go back and replay it.

If you haven’t played NOLF2, I’d get that ASAP. You can probably get it pretty cheap. And if you’re into multiplayer, there’s so much cool stuff available for UT 2004 that you could play that and nothing else for months.

Chaser and Chrome actually weren’t bad, consider them to be the equivalent of a b movie. One or two rough levels but some of the other parts were decent. I would say worth the 5-10 dollar range.

Thanks for all the input.

I have UT2004 and a bunch of mods. I HAD Call of Duty, but I traded it in for UT2004, so I think I’m better off.

NOLF2 I forgot about. I love The Operative even though I found it so damn hard for some reason.

By the way, I’m pretty much stacked in terms of multiplayer shooters: UT2004 + mods, Raven Shield, Steam (NS and DoD), Enemy Territory and America’s Army (best maps since Ghost Recon).

Oh, and in my opinion, Gunman is the worst FPS game I’ve played, so anything you think is better, even if that old, mention.

Then again, I liked MoO3. Sue me.

Chaser is actually better than you’d think. It does have some annoying spots (i.e. any water level), but it has a few surprises and is a good, solid shooter. It’s also longer than hell, which is nice after CoD-style 6-hour scriptfests.

Chrome just bored the shit out of me. The graphics are fine, but the play balance and feel just seemed totally off to me, making the game no fun. Plus, using “the voice of Duke Nukem” for the main character was just ludicrous.

Painkiller simply can’t be over-rated. It’s Doom 2 2004-style, with far better balance, pacing, and rewards than Serious Sam.

Far Cry is absolutely gorgeous, but has problems. It starts out strong, gets weaker (but still is OK) in the mid-game, and then falls off the face of the earth for the endgame.


tromik – Have you played Half-Life and all the expansion packs? This is a good time to get into Opposing Force, Blue Shift and even the Uplink demo if you’re planning on playing Half-Life 2 this year.

I’ve played all the Half-Life expansions more than once. I don’t know what Uplink is (isn’t that the hacking sim?) but I’m pretty sure Half-Life 2 won’t run on my machine. Maybe I should write into PC Gamer and ask.

There was indeed a hacking game called Uplink, but that’s not what I’m referring to. The original Half-Life demo was also called Uplink, and it was original content not in the game. It was like a small chapter deleted from the middle of the game somewhere.

On that topic, I fervently hope that there are people at Valve working on mini-chapters like that for Half-Life 2, to be sold for a few bucks via Steam every month or two. It would be a license to print money.

Not sure how it’ll run on the GF3, but I am really enjoying Tribes Vengeance’s single play quite a bit. Pretty much everyone I know who is playing it calls it “unexpectedly a lot of fun”. :D Download the demos and check it out…

Or even $30. I enjoyed each of those games more than I enjoyed Doom 3. Chrome’s a nice alternative to Halo and while I was under-whelmed by the demos for Chaser, it just gets better and better as the game progresses. :)