Recent price increases in the US?

Whole eggs? I used to eat 3 eggs every day, but my cholesterol level started creeping up as I age. My doc recommended mixing in egg whites. So now it’s three eggs worth of protein, but one egg worth of cholesterol.

Near as I can tell outbreaks in Iowa account for about 1/3rd of total chickens.
We are (were?) also the state with the most egg laying hens (and by a lot, we had 49 million to the 2 and 3 at 35 mil)

Total effected nation-wide is listed at 57 million atm.

The cheapest eggs are at $5 a dozen here.

But also:

For example, the profits of Cal-Maine Foods — the nation’s largest egg producer and an industry bellwether — “increased in lockstep with rising egg prices through every quarter of the year,” Farm Action claimed. The company reported a tenfold increase in profits over the 26-week period ended Nov. 26, for example, Farm Action said.

So we need an egg price gouging… crack down?


I’m still trying to understand how my state is paying more for eggs than states that have less birds.

And by trying to understand, I think I understand perfectly.
I can’t even yell at my relatives that used to own one of the big egg companies because they got out of it years ago.

I fry the 6 eggs in butter too. I do a lot of cardio so my cholesterol is great! We’ll see how long I can keep that up.

I saw Kirkland egg whites are super cheap, I might make a trek to Costco and stock up on those.

So do I, and I got into that “I can eat whatever I want” mindset because of it. Just got blood tests and have high cholesterol (and high HDL, but maybe too high). Just don’t go overboard, like apparently I did.

I got 18 packs of eggs for $5 at market basket today.

We’re gonna make it, guys.

At last, our long national nightmare is over.

But I bought milk, my god what it cost!