Rechargeable Leaf Blower?

So my elderly aunt has once again seen an item “on the TV” (QVC network) and wants to purchase a rechargeable leaf blower. Yours truly would be wielding it to clean the back yard area of detritus.

I did a little research and these seem to be quite similar to rechargeable vacuums except for direction of flow. I researched rechargeable vacuums recently but ultimately we did not buy a stick vacuum but got an inexpensive corded vac, which works fine. Basically the leaf blowers, like the vacs, range from about $50 for the cheapies to around $300-ish for the fancy ones.

My aunt would like to spend less than $100, (ideally under $75). I know nothing about brands, features, etc. The back yard is not huge, less than a thousand square feet but has a mix of plants, concrete, dirt, grass, uneven ground, etc. It is overlooked by a number of trees that like to drop leaves along with olives.

What do you folks recommend? Which brands are good? Any particular features I should look for? I don’t need anything high power or fancy, I don’t think. Is one of the cheapos sufficient? If so, which brand?

Sadly, I have nothing beyond the obligatory pop culture reference to contribute.

I am happy with my Ryobi–several tools with swappable batteries–but I’m sure it would be over $100.

Just be sure it’s got a Li Ion battery and you’ll be fine.

There are still (occasionally) some low end NiCad battery powered leaf blowers for sale (Black and Decker ect). These are horrible and make the buyer feel like it’s 1985 and these new fangled “rechargeable” still haven’t figured it out, only a gas powered leaf blower for myself, good sir!

Ryobi is kind of junky but I have an 18v Ryobi and it works fine for patios ect. 18v Ryobis come with a half size battery, but they offer a “max power” 18v power brick. OTOH, this is all going to end up being $200.

I strongly suspect there will be a bunch of no-brand Chinese leaf blowers on Amazon that use Li Ion and will be probably ok??

I have an E-go electric blower

It works great, but it definitely cost over 150$, and that was without battery / charger

How much blowing is being done? I have a cheap corded Troy Bilt, 35 bucks I think, plus a 100 foot cord. The blower has been going for over a decade of abuse, it might be worth punting for the cord and calling it a day.

My corded one actually does go from suck to blow. There’s a bag I can attach and it sucks leaves in and shreds them out the fan thingy into the bag.

I just bought the cheapest Ryobi and I’m happy with it. It’s just around $100 without the battery I think.

I picked up a Kobalt from my local Lowe’s for around $100 on sale. Does the job.

Battery lasts around 30-45 minutes a charge, which is plenty for me.

I got this recently on sale for $150 and it works pretty well.

EGO Power+ LB5302 3-Speed Turbo 56-Volt 530 CFM Cordless Leaf Blower 2.5Ah Battery and Charger Included

(Link to Amazon listing didn’t work for some reason)

Now, I’ve never done any yard work in my 50+ years of life, being a NYC boy, but moved recently. We have someone mow the lawn every few weeks, but have a bunch of trees in the back, so need to keep it tidy and this has worked out so far.

Standard setting was underwhelming, but the turbo boost trigger is where it’s at (I’m reminded of Spinal Tap (“Why not make 10 the loudest?”)).

I dont have one, but rigid at home depot has a leaf blower for $99 thats on sale right now for $70. Again doesnt come with a battery. Iv bought the screw gun set thats comes with 2 batteries, the tire inflator, and the weed eater. Pretty happy with them.

I would pick whichever brand you already have batteries and chargers for.

can I branch out from leaf blowers and ask if anyone’s tried out a rechargeable mower?

Yep, Same Ryobi line–the 40V, btw, not the smaller line. Small lawn, but it has worked just fine for years.

80V Kobalt (now discontinued) and they work very well. Lighter than a gas mower by a good bit, the 80V is just about as powerful, the battery lasts for two smaller mows or one big mow, call it 50 minutes or so (self propelled.) Look hard at the Ego line, they seem to be consolidating the lead in the market. Like hand tools, you need to pick a battery ecosystem and stick with it, the bare tools can be quite reasonable.

Oh, and check your local government website for subsidies, when I bought mine it was $600 but I got $250 back from the gov’t trading in my old gas mower.

huh. Thanks for the info, I will definitely check it out for next season! I don’t have a huge lot, I think it’s 50 x 150, minus the house footprint. It usually takes me about 50 to 60 minutes to mow with me pushing. Maybe 45 if I’m grooving to something good.

Ego is definitely the market leader right now. However their tool lineup is limited beyond the essentials. Ryobi is a more budget friendly option, but they have damn near every tool you’d ever want - and plenty you wouldn’t.

@Sharpe if you’re not in a rush Direct Tools Outlet has sales fairly often. They’re the outlet store for TTI’s brands which include Ryobi, Milwaukee, Hart, Homelite, and a few others. Anything listed as “factory blemished” is actually new in Ryobi-speak, but due to the contract with Home Depot they can’t call it new.

There’s a bunch of Shenzhen specials at Amazon like this.

Honestly they’re probably 90% of a “brand name” anyway, since the same factories probably make them.

E-Go mower here and they’re great. Interchangeable batteries with the leaf blower and weed whacker too. Electric is here for grass cutting for sure.

For the E-Go stuff, they typically run promotions where you can get all three pieces I noted above for a much lower price in a bundle. People should watch for that sale for sure.

I’m so bummed that it’s the end of season. I’d totally stop by Lowes on my way home and grab one. Now I’ll wait until March or so for newer models.