Recipe Management Software

I’m finally biting the bullet and looking to put years of accumulated recipes into one location. Right now, there’s assorted scraps of various types of paper, a number in various .doc and .txt files on 2 pcs, 1 laptop and 1 netbook, and a few bookmarked in various cookbooks.

The easy and cheap way would be to have tons of Word documents or Excel books and transfer that around to the pc of choice when I travel. The SO suggested putting it all on the web via personal website or whatever, and that spurred me into looking for online solutions as well. I found, which is pretty highly rated. Any feedback on this particular brand?

How do ya’ll manage extensive recipe collections? I think online is the way to go, as I’ll have access to it anywhere, and can easily give out links to folks who want specific recipes.

I use MasterCook Deluxe. It works well for me.

It would be nice to have online access, though.

Until I get a monitor display in my kitchen, I stick with paper. I can’t use magnets to stick my laptop to my refrigerator!

I think at one point I used to use Mastercook deluxe, but for some reason I’m a Luddite in this area. I like being able to flip physically through recipes.

You want a wiki. Seriously.

This is probably the best solution.

I’ll talk to my brother about throwing up a wiki at if people would use it

I would certainly use it!

I would love a QT3 recipe wiki.

I’d use it!

I’m not familiar with recipe management software. Wouldn’t it include specialised functions like shopping list generation, and recipe suggesting by ingredients that would be a bit more difficult to do in a wiki?

Yeah generally that’s what they do. I use Wegman’s online shopping list generator for making shopping lists, since it puts exactly what aisle in my local store an item is on, which make for much quicker shopping (a good thing, since Wegman’s is huuuuuuuuuuuuuge.)

I think some of the software allows you to “customize” a store for it, but seems like a pain in the arse to set up, imo.

Sounds pretty cool, I’d use it!

One thing I found that BigOven has that is damn neat is the Leftover Wizard, where you can put in up to 3 ingredients and it searches all their recipes for ones that use those 3 as primary ingredients. Pretty cool stuff, and tons better than mixing the 3 up, throwing cheese on it and nuking it. :)

I found they also have a software demo, which I’m currently trying out.

The flipside there is that recipe management software, being aimed at a small and probably not-horribly-lucrative niche, is going to be a lot less polished and usable than a wiki.

I’ll trade a search function that works reliably and smooth editing for something that has a “make my shopping list” button ;-)

Well, if someone finds some recipe sharing website software, I’m willing to run it.

Yup, they also have nifty tools for quickly convertíng recipes from the net to their format, so they are part of the suggestions the software makes, when you search based on ingredients (leftovers) or caloric intake etc.

I only played a bit with the OpenSource one, but think BigOven won, when Lifehack looked for the best recipe manager.

If you have a Mac around, SousChef is nice.

I’d love to see a QT3 recipe Wiki.

Does anyone have any good recommendations on a digital recipe book? I actually tried the wiki idea several years ago (probably based on this thread), it was too cumbersome.

My first thought is EverNote. Does anyone have any experience with that? If so, are there things that you find frustrating?

My current thinking is this:

Dedicated recipe programs have a bunch of stuff that I’m not interested in (nutritional info, shopping list, pantry, etc…) and they look like ass. (Well, at least MasterCook 9, which is what I’m familiar with, does. And it appears to be one of the better reviewed applications.)

I like the idea of automatic syncing to my mobile devices.

EverNote seems to have decent export functionality, so it should be somewhat future-proof.

I’m a little annoyed that tags are universal, and not per notebook, but… I’ll live.

You know, I was just going to post that, seriously. I use evernote myself.

I’ve asked this myself and I have never come up with a good answer. Features I need:

  • Recipe database (duh)
  • Sorting & categorizing (by course and main ingredient)
  • Shopping list generation
  • Portion scaling
  • Cloud storage & iOS app accessible.