Recommend 4 Kyuss songs

I’ve got four free iTunes songs to redeem, and I’ve always meant to check out Kyuss. Any recommendations?

Freedom Run
Writhe (I know ‘800’ is really short, but it’s such a flawless lead-in for ‘Writhe’ that I wouldn’t get one and not the other)

One Inch Man is a great track from Blues for the Red Sun(1992). Absolute stand-out Kyuss for me.

After that I like Space Cadet, but the bass harmonics mean it needs decent speakers to not be overloaded.

Then maybe 100º and Green Machine.

It’s hard to go wrong with them to be honest :)

“Green Machine” should definitely be on that list. Heck maybe even “Thong Song”, the video for which got minor play on MTV back in the day as sort of a strange novelty song.

Also check out “Pilot the Dune” from Slo Burn, a went-nowhere band of the singer’s (after Kyuss collapsed). It’s pretty much Kyuss II.