Recommend a backup app


I’m looking for a solid backup program to dump my iMac to an external HD. Something reliable, that will let me schedule regular backups and perform a file compare all by itself.

What is everyone using?

I’ve just been doing an rsync to a different machine, though it can easily be used to copy to another drive instead (just specify a path on the drive as the destination).

I only do it on my home directory though, to reduce space needed and since I’m not sure I trust rsync to preserve all the special little bits (resource forks?) the rest of the OS might need.

The simplest way to use it would be something like:

rsync -avRr --delete-after --ignore-errors /Users/you /Volumes/your_ext_hd/backups

(the --ignore-errors is so it still does deletions if it runs into permissions problems on some directories like .Trash, and --delete-after is a safer deletion mode (the default mode deletes before syncing, which could result in data loss if you lose the hard drive during the sync))

Tar and gzip here.

Incidentally, since 10.4 came out the OSX versions of tar, cp, and rsync are all supposed to be resource fork aware, though I’ve heard of problems with rsync, so it’d be worth googling and experimenting with.

I’ve been meaning to test some fancypants backup software for a while now but have just never been willing to commit the money, so its free software for me. Maybe someone can chime in if they have any experience with Apple Backup.