Recommend a color laser printer

Anyone have any recommendations for a good color laser printer? I would mostly need it for colored text, line art, diagrams and drawings. Photo printing is not an issue. I’m mostly looking for great print quality as the primary criterion (as good as possible in the sub-$500 or so category) and don’t care so much for e.g. printing speed. Ethernet connection would be a big plus too.

I was originally looking at the Samsung CLP-350N (4000 pages per toner cartridge, networked, cheap), but several sites have criticized the image quality of Samsung printers, so I’m probably looking for some other manufacturer, unless the people here have good experiences with Samsungs.

I have an HP color Laserjet 2550L. While it’s a bit on the big side, I love the quality of the output. It doesn’t scan documents or make my breakfast, but it’s an excellent color laser.

I don’t have a recommend, but I have an avoid - the Konica Minolta Magicolor. What a POS that thing is.

I have an HP 2600N that I am very happy with. I love having a network printer. Print speed isn’t super, but the print quality has been great. Not looking forward to paying almost as much as the printer to buy 4 new toners when they run out, though.

HP 2605DN. Do not get the 2600N, because it’s a GDI printer, so requires elaborate host-based processing, and won’t work with UBUNTUBUNTU or Vista when it first came out or whatever other new OS comes down the pipe. The 2605DN is a real PS/PCL printer, plus also has duplexing if you give a damn, and isn’t much more. I got it for $299 at Staples or Amazon or somewhere at one point.

Actually that’s true about Vista… I had to hack in a driver from XP for the 2600N. OSX worked fine, of course.

My 2600N now works fine under Vista, once HP released the dammned drivers. I just bought a set of toner for it for $300 from Amazon.