Recommend a coop game for my wife and I to play

Preferably with you lot in some kind of MMORPG capacity, but LAN games just for us is good :)

Heather isn’t girly about violence or anything. All genres are possible except RTS and FPS (she hates mouselook, and the days of Wolf3d are long gone). RPGs are best bet.

We played guild wars a lot, and enjoyed it. Just played WoW for a bit, are giving it a rest until it is not annoying. Heather has a commendably low threshold for bullshit: it must work butter smooth with no tech hitches whatsoever, or I lose her to the consoles again.

I had a ball playing both the Champions of Norrath games with my gf at the time. They’re really easy to get into, fun dungeon crawls with lots of RPG-lite goodness. Great co-op fun for two players, if you don’t mind slumming it on a PS2.

CivIV? Team up against the AI perhaps?

the Beast With Two Backs is always good…

Thanks! I remember, we once tried the action RPG Baldur’s Gate games, and were not too impressed, though we did squeeze our way through Gauntlet: Dark Legacy.

Civ IV sounds interesting, but it would be a hard sell…

Video games are a brief but necessary respite from the sisyphean grindstone of relentless carnal exploration.

What about adventure games? Not exactly co-op per se, but they work for my wife and I (as does Civ4).

True, true! Heather’s a big adventure game buff: Longest Journey 2 will be her gaming highlight of the year, without question. I like to watch, but the experience of actually playing those things somehow grinds my gears. One must possess a certain tolerance for other people’s brilliant ideas for lateral thinking puzzles, a la “USE glue to STICK pencil to ROPE / SUSPEND ROPE into VOID to WRITE LETTER TO JESUS” and that makes the door open.

Lego star wars can be great. Some of the bosses suck, but the rest of the gameplay is solid co-op fun.

Does it have to be on PC?

If not, X-Men, Champions of Norrath (already mentioned, I second it), Gauntlet Dark Legacy (ditto), one of those Lord of the Rings ones (Two Towers I think).

You can get around that by just jumping to a FAQ if you get stuck for too long. I try to hold off, but as most adventure games anymore have at least one really stupid puzzle you’ll save yourself alot of headache by selective cheating if a puzzle smells fishy. Occasionally I feel like I’ve cheated myself (D’oh! I could have gotten that!), but more often I’m happy to avoid “hunt for the obscure concealed object, which you didn’t know you needed” and it’s ilk.

I too am looking forward to The Longest Journey 2, and it looks in general like it’ll be a solid year for adventure games.

Remember the puzzle in Longest Journey where you had to get the key from the subway tracks?

Yeah, but at least it was pretty logical.

My wife and I play EQ II a lot, after burning out on WoW. Right now though things are up in the air because of the upcoming PvP patch and new expansion. The need to start over on PvP servers if you want that sort of thing (and we do) means we feel somewhat ambivalent about leveling our existing characters. We’re going to see how SOE implements PvP before going that route whole hog though.

All I can say is that my wife and I enjoyed playing the first Icewind Dale together. It’s a nice looking game, that’s reasonably challenging, but not too hard, has a fair amount of loot that you can collect, good writing, but not too much. All in all, it makes for a pretty decent multi-player experience. FWIW, IMHO it’s nowhere near the game that Baldur’s Gate II was, but BGII is a quite bit harder to coordinate when it comes to multiplayer because combat is more difficult, there’s more dialog, etc.

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NOT xmen legends. I bought that due to people claiming it was good for girlfriend/fiancee play and it designed to prevent any of that.
"you want to play scrabble?’
‘Uh, how about a video game?’
‘oh, ok!’
‘everyone says this is good co-op’
‘when do we both get to play?’
‘whats with the dumb house?’
‘when do we both get to play?’
‘whats with the dumb house?’
‘when do we both get to play?’
‘whats with the dumb house?’
‘when do we both get to play?’
‘whats with the dumb house?’
‘when do we both get to play?’
‘whats with the dumb house?’

that game ruined co-op forever, she wont even try anything else now because she doesnt want to sit through the retarded parts (cant say I blame her but I’ve been trained for years to just suck it up and grind through the idiotic chunks of non-game that are in games)

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EDIT: That icewind dale pointer makes me think it is time to whip out the ol’ BG2