Recommend a coop game for my wife and I to play

Dude, you just let her go do something else and take the bullet for those idiot scenes yourself. It’s perfect for it, because by definition the second player can’t be involved in the stupid house scenes.

Then, when the action starts again, you accept the beer she busied herself with getting for you during the downtime and fire back up.

Video games are a brief but necessary respite from the sisyphean grindstone of relentless carnal exploration.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, I was gonna say, it’s a fine suggestion, Mark; but once you’ve been married for a couple years, you absolutely need some sort of break from the near-constant, mind-blowingly awesome married couple SEXXORZ!

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory?

My wife says that after a couple of apple martinis she’s likely to play anything you want.

Too bad she doesn’t like mouselook because R6 is awesome to play co-op.

Bliss. (SFW)

Actually it’s only kind of coop, it’s more like monopoly, but no one ever bothers to win.

I can’t stand them either actually, not after someone pointed them out. I shouldnt have lsitened to anyone on that game, even the character screen / menu thing is annoying as hell.

Heh…yeah, I’m just messing with you because there was some talk about how people are always mocking and derisive when correcting another person’s grammar on the net.

My suggestion for your main question though is that you try to pick a game where you can cover for each other, especially one in which your wife (assuming she isn’t much of a twitch gamer) doesn’t feel that she is letting the ‘team’ down if she misses a shot/spell/whatever.

That is pretty much the awesomest sentence about sex & videogames I’ve ever read.

It probably also says more about your personal life than I ever wanted to know.

Regardless, I’ll throw out NWN as an option, long as you’re not a graphics whore: plenty of fun MP user mods out there - just skim through NW Vault looking for options. Or the old Infinity Engine games, like the Icewind Dale or Baldur’s Gate series: BG has better plots, but IWD is more coop-friendly (bein’ a dungeon hack `n all), IMHO. If she’s fond of the action-RPG, Dungeon Siege II is solid: fairly derivative, but pretty fun as a LAN game.

I’d recommend Dungeon Crawler 5, except I don’t think it’s hit open beta yet…

Looks like Dark Crystal got laptops. Welcome to the 21st century, Gelflings!

I should have mentioned NWN: that’s the game that we first played together after I built her her very own computer. It is also the first time I fumed about having to pay twice for one game, but that’s another issue.

We tried puzzle pirates yesterday, but it didn’t do it for either of us. So, I think it will be BG2. If that works, that will probably keep us happy forever, 'cause that was fantastic solo.