Recommend a DVD burner

Alright folks, if I want a DVD burner, what should I get? 700MB aren’t big enough for TV shows.

  • Alex

I’ve had two different Sony DRU models, both have had zero problems.

Pioneer 108 or Asus 1604P. Best overall compatibility with dual-layer media (which may someday be cheap enough to consider using) and good overall performance and compatibility.

Best prices from a reputable dealer on those are NewEgg.

Pioneer 108 for the win. Wonderful drive.

I just got a Sony DRU-710A from Newegg for like $100. I havent burned any DVDs with it yet…but it seems like a good drive. Its fast reading stuff, and supports tons of formats. I finally have an optical drive that can read DVDs so now I can post in those threads wondering where the DVD versions of games are.