Recommend a steering wheel

What does the collected wisdom of QT3 recommend in terms of steering wheel controllers for the Xbox 360? I’ve been playing a bit of Forza and find the lack of precision and smoothness of steering with stick a bit frustrating.

I`ve heard nothing but good things about the official Xbox 360 Racing Wheel.

I have that, it works really well.

Not to hijack the thread, but do they make wheels that are compatible with both PC and PS3?

I think some of the logitech wheels will work with both PS3 and PC.

Yeah, I know that the Logitech Driving Force Pro will work on both PC and PS3, and the others in the same line should work as well (G25, Driving Force GT, etc.). Some of them don’t explicitly say they’re for the PC on their product page, but the Wingman drivers do support them.

Possibly dumbass question: why doesn’t Logitech make a wired wheel which supports the X360 as well? They’re all USB, aren’t they? Is that a MS licensing issue or what?

They’d need a special security chip from MS, which is how MS prevents unlicensed third-party controllers. They certainly could make a 360 wheel by licensing it, but for some reason they just haven’t done so yet. Maybe it would be in conflict with some kind of agreement they have with Sony (there’s a lot of cross-branding with Gran Turismo), since such a wheel probably wouldn’t be PS3-compatible (by MS’s licensing terms, if not enforced by the chip).

I’d love to have a single wheel that works with the PC, 360, and PS3, but it’s looking pretty unlikely.

Yeah, buying a $100+ wheel is hard enough to justify - but buying one for Gran Turismo and one for Project Gotham Racing? Not gonna happen.

For the 360, I wouldn’t consider anything but their self-branded wheel.

I have some Christmas money and was thinking of using it on a racing wheel. PC is priority, PS4 compatibility would be a plus. I was thinking of something like this:

Worth it? Better option? Not sure I want to do it as I can go a long time between racing games, but when I do I usually play many hours. I tend to prefer games like Forza Horizon, but I also like Dirt Rally 1 and 2.

Logitech G-series always seemed like the best entry-level wheel and pedal set. Thrustmaster might also have one these days, but you can’t go wrong with a G29. It will be a lot of fun for the games you mentioned.

Thanks Tim

Hey @robc04, what’s your experience been so far with the G29? I’m in a similar boat and was looking at finally buying a wheel.

I would be using it primarily for…

DiRT Rally 2.0
Assetto Corsa
Project CARS
American Truck Simulator
Forza Motorsports 7

And possibly Forza Horizon and F1.

Now ideally I’d like an H-shifter and a clutch, both of which I could get with the G29. I’d like to stay in the $300-$400 range, and from what I’m seeing this is pretty much my only option. Thrustmaster has a better wheel from what I’ve read, but it’s far more expensive with those options, and I can forget about Fanatec unless I want to spend close to $1000.

I haven’t been using it as much as I hoped. I believe I’ve used it with Dirt Rally 2 and Project Cars, and it worked well with both of those. I know initially I did better with a controller in Dirt Rally 2 and I don’t recall if that changed or not. I do know that I liked a controller much better in Forza Horizon 5. It stayed clamped to be desk better than a prior wheel I had, and I think the pedal base was a bit more grippy too.

I think I was happy overall - just not sure I actually drove better :-)

I can’t stand using a gamepad for driving. I always feel that steering is binary.

I bought a g920 last year. It’s cheaper then the g29 and according to most reviews I watched the added price isn’t justified. I was also thinking about the thrust master, but couldn’t justify the price hike. I can say I’m pretty happy with the wheel.