Recommend good (free) shoot'em'up

Well, i got sudden urge ot blast something to pieces but problem is that i dont know any good shooters (exept cannon fodder, but the damn thing doesnt work anymore on my new rig).

So, any good and free shooters out there i should try (windows).

Good places to start: for free web-based games. Brilliant site. Shoot the Core download database. Of these, I recommend Cho Ren Sha 68K, Perfect Cherry Blossom [and those by the same team], and Tyrian 2000. Every Extend. Quirky, addictive game. Not a pure shooter- bomber game, really. Still excellent. Anything by Kenta Cho. Everything is excellent here, but Tumiki Fighters and Torus Trooper do stand out.

Grid Wars.

Find a copy of Tyrian and then fire up DOSBox.

If you want a decent Deathmatch type fps for free you can try Warsow or Cube. Both are just hardcore dm multiplayer and pretty oldschool so to speak.

Cube is more like old quake style, and Warsow has an interesting cell shaded look with a wall hopping mechanic that does spice up the action a bit.



There was a thread I think, you might try a search on shump or other. Might have some good links.

Anyhow I reccommend mono (innovative and new) and demonstar (classic vertical shooter, excellently done)

Demonstar is shareware but the demo will be more than enough to scratch that itch.

You mentioned cannon fodder you may also be interested in overhead multidirection shooters in which case Alien Shooter is highly reccomended.

All those other games are huge disappointments compared to Cho Ren Sha 68k.

Cube is done by a guy I used to play a lot of Quake with - he worked on FarCry for a bit. It’s a nice bit of tech, for sure…

Veck is a cool geometry wars clone I enjoyed.

That game needs save game feature :p

Played it good 15-20minutes, and had all ships left (plus bunch of extra lives), got bored and quit.

Games from this site. Especially Warning Forever.

Yeah, Warning Forever is really cool.

There was some dodging game that would generate bullet patterns from an MP3, I forgot the name of it though.

Google finds Bullet Philharmonic Orchestra