Recommend local MP-game for the 360

Looking for local multiplayer games for the 360 that the whole family can play. This means (at this point in time) a minimum of violence and gore.

Any suggestions?

Rockstar Table Tennis is pretty good and fits the criteria, but that’s all I can come up with based on my own game collection. Senko no Ronde maybe, but that might be a bit too complicated. There are probably several good candidates on Live Arcade, and you can download demos and sample how the rest of the family likes them before you buy.

Well, Rock Band is, of course, the king of local multiplayer games on the 360. If that’s out of the budget (or not what you are looking for), Carcassonne is also a good local multiplayer game. Culdcept Saga, coming out sometimes soon, should also be a good bet (the original was a fun multiplayer game).

Games like Guitar Hero II/III and Scene it! also comes to mind.

Fuzion Frenzy 2!

…Hey, your post didn’t specify “good” or even “doesn’t gargle elephantine balls” anywhere.

Lego Star Wars 2? Pretty fun co-op. I suppose there’s “gore” in it of a sort though.

Worms, Bomberman, Aegis Wing

Phantom Dust.

That new Viva Pinata game. Party Animals.

Is this any good? I’ve only heard complaints about it, really (and the demo didn’t really sell it…)

Table tennis? Sounds good.
And I’m getting the Complete SW Lego
Worms! Forgot about that one
Bomberman Live didn’t catch on here, unfortunely
Carcassone, Aegis? I’ll check them out.

Rock Band isn’t out in europe yet, but I’ve been thinking about getting GHII.

Well, thanks for the tips

IIRC, Table Tennis is only two players. I don’t recall if you can play doubles in it. But it’s still a fantastic game.

top spin 2 is a pretty solid multiplayer game and can be bought new for under $20.

Carcassone. I’ve had a room full of people entertained by it.

Scene It! was a fucking blast when I played it at a party. I was pretty drunk at the time, but that makes anything more fun.

Really your best bet is to DL some XBLA games, I had a blast with Worms just passing the controller around, we were a bit disappointed with it because we’re used to Worms: Armageddon.

EDF2017 is a silly shoot bug aliens up game, but a blast to play co-op.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

One caveat on Carcassonne (which is awesome): for some utterly retarded reason, you need one controller per player. There is no support for pass play, despite the fact that the game is completely turn based and has zero need for multiple controllers.