Recommend me a boardgame, please

Gamenerdz had 200 count on brass chips on sale.

Damn, thanks, that’s actually a much better price than buying direct. But I’m trying not to spend money now. But cool chips…

Looks interesting, thanks. Quite apart from anything we normally play, though, which could be fun as well!

A small update - I bought Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 and will be playing this tonight. The rest of the excellent suggestions will be for new games! Man I have spent a ton of money on games lately!

This was the best board game experience my wife and I have had, with maybe the exception of season 2! That’s even considering I liked Gloomhaven a lot.

Oh, I missed this - We actually did play a few of these rather excellent Unlock games - They are VERY fun, although some of them are really hard.

Nice - looking forward to trying it!