Recommend me a co-op shooter for the PS4

With the Corona-virus preventing me from meeting up with a friend of mine, we had the idea of doing some online co-op on the PS4. Ideally, this would be co-op against the AI, because we both are too old and slow to compete in online multiplayer. Any recommendations? Any modern versions of the old Rainbow Six we used to play?

Far Cry 5 is quite fun. I am playing this currently with my SO - Only caveat is the joiner does get save campaign progression. Its just glorious mayhem and an amazing open world. Oh and fishing of course! And flying, and driving, and … You get the idea.

I haven’t played one in a long time, but the Earth Defense Force games used to be a lot of fun in coop. Maybe somebody else here has played recently and can comment?

While Rainbow Six: Siege is mainly a mp game, it does have a co-op mode where you clear out AI terrorists. Maybe worth it if it’s on sale?

Other somewhat recent titles worth mentioning:

Borderlands 3
Destiny 2 (free)
Ghost Recon: Breakpoint
The Division 2
Warframe (free)
World War Z

Edit: this made me realize how many fucking co-op shooters are just grindfests these days. The only exception here is Ghost Recon Breakpoint which has an immersive mode which turns off all XP, leveling, gear tiers and whatnot.

Great suggestions, thanks all! Grinding isn’t the plan, so it’s good to know that is often involved these days: something to pay attention to when picking a game!

Anyone try Gears of War 4 in coop?

Gonna have trouble playing that on PS4.

Earth Defense Force 4.1 or 5.

Ha, true! I googled it and thought I spotted a picture of it, but it turns out it was God of War… My mistake!

Another suggestion I got from a friend: A way out. Anyone try that by any chance?

Remnant from the Ashes would be a good co-op game.

Destiny 2 is free and is co-op.

My brother and I are always looking for coop games we can play together against the AI, and we have really enjoyed the Far Cry games together. We’re currently playing Division 2 together and, in our opinion, that is a really great coop game.

Don’t count out something like Call of Duty Warzone. It’s free to play and slow enough you and your friend should have a lot of fun even with all the players being human. It’s the best kind of cooperative play because working together and beating other real people feels so satisfying even if you never make it to number one.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! We decided to go for Far Cry 5. Unfortunately, that turns out to be a 32 gig download, which in itself is fine, except for the fact that my supposedly fast glass fibre internet connection decided to take 2,5 hours for that (my friend downloaded it in minutes…). Something to look into…

Which means we didn’t get to play it last night, but we will start tonight. One question: is the game intro (which I expect to be fairly long) also something to coop? Or should we just play that by ourselves and start the coop at the first mission after that?

Unfortunately, the very first place you start is a tutorial island - If you are an experienced gamer, it will probably take you about 30-40 minutes to complete. You cant play coop until after that.

Good to know. I’ll let him know, so we can make sure we have both done that part by tonight!

I just went through this… it has to do with how Sony allows the PS4 to ping their server? The good news is that there’s an easy workaround. If you set up a temp proxy server on your computer and tell the PS4 to use the proxy, the download speeds will be what you expect. There are lots of easy how-to articles about this online. I just downloaded AC Odyssey and at first, it said it was going to take 12+ hours. I set up the proxy and it took 15 min to download the game. Setting up the proxy took 5 min and little to no technical knowledge.

Thanks, I will definitely check that out next time I have a large download like this! I’m really glad you mentioned the ‘little to no technical knowledge’ part :slight_smile:

Here’s a random article about it that should at least give you the right google terms.


Caveat, most places are intentionally throttling downloads during the pandemic since there’s a large increase in bandwidth utilization. Heck my steam downloads the other day were abysmal.

Another recommendation for Division 2.