Recommend Me A Digital Picture Frame

I don’t anything about these and would like to get one as a gift for someone. I’d like to keep it under $150. Id appreciate any suggestions on brands or models to look at or at least tips on what to avoid.


My advice would be to go to a store and actually look at one that is running. The quality of the LCD really seems all over the place. I saw frames ranging from $60-250 at Circuit City, and the most expensive one weren’t the best looking models.

We have a 6" Philips frame that we really like. The important stat to use is the resolution. There’s a lot of large size LCDs with really crappy resolution. Got mine from Amazon last year for around $180.

Thanks. 6" is the basic size I’m looking at. I’ll take a peak at the Phillips.

I’d like to get these for our older relatives and send them a new SD card every few months. So if anyone does have a <$100 frame they like, I’d love to hear about it.

All the Chinese products are below $100, if you’re feeling lucky :)
(You can also get 11" screens at that price)

Does anyone here have any good ones? Or can recommend a brand?

This one recently showed up on Engadget and looks promising:

I’m still awaiting something comparable in the sub $100 range. Edit: Of course this is close.

Any of these frames have wifi, and can just be sent updates via some online service?

EDIT: OK, yeah, but a bit pricy.


Anyone have a newer model that they like? I’m also interested in getting one for a xmas gift and can’t find much info on the good/bad/fugly.

This may not be a substantial enough recommendation for you but it sounds like the Phillips models (lots on Newegg and Amazon) are decent but pricey. The Linx (see above) is still pricey but cheaper, and is getting good reviews. I’m strongly considering getting the latter as a present for my mother, even though I’m sure it’s still best to wait for better and cheaper products.

My experience has been they are all overpriced junk with poor color accuracy, tho if you like oversaturated that might be a bonus. The two costco are currently carrying in store dont completely suck, but I’m still not buying, yet.

This article is exhaustive but still not helpful, except for raw specs:

For those of you who recently received or gave a photo frame you might find this bit of free software useful:

I gave the g/f this digital frame for Christmas. It’s got a solid features list for the basics: 8" screen, 512MB onboard, 800x600 screen, 400:1 contrast, and can display either 1 or 4 photos at a time. It also can run on batteries or AC power, has a remote control (!), plays MP3s and AVIs, can use 6 different kinds of memory cards/sticks, or plug USB 2.0 into the PC.

The only problem is that viewing pictures from the side or at an angle to the screen is awful. You lose alot of the color saturation just being more than like 30 degrees to one side, so it’s better as a wall hanging than on a table top in my view. But when you do look at it straight on, the color reproduction is great. She put some of her really good photos on there and they show up beautifully, and with a couple classical music MP3s it’s a nice little guy for the house.

And was $130 at Target last week: a very tasty price point.