Recommend me a KVM

I would like a KVM switch/setup/black box/rig/thingamajigger through which I can connect both a Macbook and a desktop PC to the following devices: mouse, keyboard, speakers, flat panel monitor, and 2-4 USB 2.0 ports. Bonus points if a firewire port is available as well.

I have a network hardline to the PC and the Macbook is wireless so no need for that.

If there is one that requires a USB mouse and keyboard because PS2 is just so Windows 95 or something, that’s fine. Also, if the only solution is a switch that requires one to shut down one computer before switching and then booting up the other, that’s OK too.

Any thoughts?

I’ve had good experience with Belkin. They have a wizard for picking the right model based on your ideal setup.

You’ll never have to shut down one PC or something.

PS2 will be faster to switch than USB peripherals (as windows needs to redetect the signals when you go switch back and forth)

I’ll second the recommendation on Belkin. I’ve had no issue with about a half dozen KVM’s from them of various sizes. I’ve not used a USB KVM but there are several out that supposedly work well.

Two key things to remember:

  1. Make sure you get the correct video inputs and output on the KVM and cables that match that.
  2. Make double sure that you get a KVM that supports the resolution of the monitor or LCD that you will be displaying on.

I use the Gefen 2X1 Dvi KVM Switcher. It’s only failing is that you need to be switched to a PC while it is booting up. I use it to switch between Vista and Ubuntu.

Oh, I forgot one important thing. Are you going to be running on DVI? Analog sucks, and I would not put up with it for long-term use.

Yes, both my PC and macbook have DVI outputs.

Thanks for the KVM recs, Rimbo and Qenan.