Recommend me a multiplayer PS3 game

My wife and my best friend’s wife are conspiring to get he and I a copy of the same PS3 game for father’s day, because he’s pretty stressed out at work and wants to get in some gaming time with me on his PS3.

As the resident video game guy, they’ve asked me what they should get for us ;).

So what’s a decent newish multiplayer game we can play together? I’m thinking of recommending either Killzone 3 or MW2, as I haven’t played either of those and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t either.

But it doesn’t have to be a shooter. I like shooters (though I usually prefer them on my PC, but I’d be fine to play one on a console), but since we’ll be playing pretty casually I don’t necessarily want to go up against the l33t hax0rs online, which is what all shooters these days are filled with right?

Conspiring to get me and him a game, you mean.

I hear Uncharted 2 has a co-op mode, and it seems to come highly recommended by people who like that sort of thing. (“That sort of thing” being Tomb Raider with the serial numbers filed off)

Portal 2?

I’ve already played through Portal 2 on my PC :/.

Him getting Uncharted 2 might be an idea … I have it but haven’t ever tried the multiplayer.

If you were going for a shooter, which would you recommend?

I’d recommend MAG because I don’t like any other multiplayer console shooters.

As an alternative, you could try Little Big Planet 2 - all the levels can be completed in co-op, and you don’t have to rely on the faceless mob.

Uncharted 2 multiplayer was pretty fun - much better than I expected.

My best multiplayer experience on the PS3 was Killzone 2, and one of these days I’ll try out KZ3. Tom certainly enjoyed it.

I’d vote for Killzone 3 over MAG. MAG is a huge time investment and I’m of the opinion it’s a game for people who’ve played their share of CoD and Battlefields. It’s certainly not that user-friendly or noob-friendly with the insane cost of new weapons. KZ3 has a good campaign that you can play co-op and the multiplayer is very well done (although last I played a few months back it was a bit of a bother to find an active game at my admittedly odd gaming hours.)

Bad Company 2.

Gran Turismo 5. Fantastic game to shoot the shit and drive some cars with friends.

Is the PS3 version of BC2 any good? Because I love the shit out of the PC one.

Oh hey, how was the co-op in Saints Row 2? I haven’t played that one. Does Saints Row 2 hold up in a post-Just-Cause-2-Assassin’s-Creed-2 world?