Recommend Me a PC Game Please


I wanted to vote for Pillars of the Earth, just because I bet I’m one of the few who have played it, and I think there are a lot of great things about it.

Kentucky Route Zero is extraordinary, but hard to recommend if I don’t know that you’d appreciate it’s weird aesthetic. Have you seen/enjoyed Twin Peaks?

I was surprised how much I liked Tacoma. What works about it is its focus. It really knows what it’s trying to be, and does it well.

But What Remains of Edith Finch felt like the really essential game on that list.


Here is my order for classic RTS style games based on what I know about the games. Could you either pick the ones you recommend and or make a post with your own prioritized list? Thanks!

I kinda feel like Northgard (which I’ve played) is probably well above the others as far as what I like about an RTS game at this point in my life. I’m not sure it’s worth trying the others or not.

  • Northgard
  • Seven Kingdoms 2 HD
  • Warhammer® 40,000: Dawn of War II
  • Wargame Airland Battle
  • Company of Heroes 2

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Here is my order for real time games that aren’t typical RTSs based on what I know about the games. Could you either pick the ones you recommend and or make a post with your own prioritized list? Thanks!

  • Offworld Trading Company: Gold (played, but haven’t tried all the DLC)
  • Ultimate General Gettysburg
  • Europa Universalis IV
  • Hearts of Iron IV
  • Bomber Crew

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The only tower defense game I have and haven’t played is Space Run Galaxy.


How about Ultimate General Civil War?


I don’t own that one yet.


Here is my order for games that feature turn based tactical battles based on what I know about the games. Could you either pick the ones you recommend and or make a post with your own prioritized list? Thanks!

I know BATTLETECH is probably going to be the favorite here, but I think Mechanicus is probably more my style. Plus I think it will take longer to play BATTLETECH. These two are probably pretty entrenched in their positions. I’ve played some Mario+Rabbids, Chaos Reborn, and Battelore: Command and enjoyed what I’ve played of them. I also haven’t liked the Total War series nearly as much as many here.

  • Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus
  • Field of Glory 2
  • Mario+Rabbids Kindgom Battle
  • Crowntakers: Undead Undertakings
  • Chaos Reborn
  • BattleLore:Command
  • Total War: WARHAMMER II

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The only one I feel strongly enough to cast a vote for is SOMA, that’s an amazing game. You need to have some tolerance for walking simulators since it’s light on puzzles and, you know, actual gameplay. But it definitely made me think and scared me a few times.


I’m typically not a big fan of walking simulators, but I have liked a couple of them enough (Gone Home, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter). I’ve played a handful of others and didn’t like at all (Everyones Gone to the Rapture, Dear Esther, and some others).


Last genre! Here is my order for other turn based games based on what I know about the games. Could you either pick the ones you recommend and or make a post with your own prioritized list? Thanks!

  • Guild of Dungeoneering
  • Pathfinder Adventures: A Fighter’s Tale: Valeros
  • Pathfinder Adventures: Rise of the Goblins
  • Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition

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I think I saw a couple episodes at some point - not enough to say I’m a fan (or that I disliked it).


Total War: Warhammer II does not have turn based tactical battles!

Also, I assume you meant Shadowrun:Dragonfall, and voted accordingly.


ooops, you’re right. I accidentally lumped it in with those games.


I’d say, Zelda above anything else. The game clicked with me beyond belief. I never liked a Zelda game before, and to me, this is Oblivion as it was advertised in the trailers, married with Dark Soulesque combat, and Metal Gear 5 tactical puzzles, and Shadow of the Colossus sights and… hell, even the writing isn’t annoying, and sometimes touching. Just wow. That game is going to do some serious damage in my best games ever list, I feel.

Subnautica is a game you should give a try I think, as it’s got tremendous potential: it just made me sick and frightened beyond belief.
I voted for OTC only if you intend to play MP, and didn’t vote for Battletech because I didn’t play it, but if I could, that’d be the game I’d play in that list. I have just bought Mario+Rabids, so I’ll post impression whenever the Zelda spell wears off enough so I can actually get around launching another game ;)


I hope you’re going to have a final poll to select which genre to start with…


Then you should buy Alien Shooter TD.



Well, anyway, Kentucky Route Zero is more about its surreal aesthetic experience than any real gameplay. It moves slowly, shows you some beautiful and strange things, switches perspectives, and feels like a dream more than a conventional story. If that sounds cool, you should definitely try it, although only 4 of the 5 chapters have been released! (Part 5 coming sometime this year.)


I was going to ask if Kentucky Route Zero was even complete yet. I’ve been holding off on playing until it is.


First, thanks for voting and making comments - I appreciate it.

Man I have a lot of hours of gaming with this first group of games! I mean…that’s a good thing, but these games are just the tip of the iceburg. There are more in the queue after I get through these. There should be a ton of good stuff in this batch with more to follow.

The votes definitely shuffled my order of attack, but there were some I went against the vote because I either felt strongly about a game or I wanted to do a shorter one first.

For action / arcade games, I’m going to start with Sky Force Reloaded on PC and Tetris Effect on the PS4.

OK, Subnautica is the first 1st person game I will tackle. I’m not sure if it is my type of game or not. I don’t know a ton about it other than it has under water exploration and base building. I’m not usually into base building, but we will see.

For 3rd person games, I’m going to lead with Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice just because it is short (and hopefully good), and then move on to Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Same logic for platformers, lead with Waking Mars due to length and then move to Spelunky. I have tinkered with Spelunky, but I never really made an attempt to really understand and progress.

SOMA first for adventure game.

For puzzle game, FRAMED Collection because it is short and then Toki Tori 2.

For Racing / Driving, Trackmania Valley.

For action RPG Kingdom Come Deliverance, followed by ME Andromeda.

For tactical RPG, Divinity Original Sin 2.

For 4X, Aggressors: Ancient Rome

For boardgame, Carcassonne

For builder, Frostpunk, then Factorio.

For real time, Offworld Trading Company: Gold.

For traditional RTS, Northgard.

For Tower Defense, Space Run Galaxy.

For Turn Based, Guild of Dungeoneering

For turn-based tactical, Mechanicus then Battletech (I put TW Warhammer 2 back in real time where it belonged). I just feel Mechanicus will be more my thing and it is shorter.


Started that Friday night and finished this afternoon, so it’s definitely short - is ballpark itsnin the 6 to 8 hour range. Pretty good, certainly interesting. I’ll probably post more in its own thread. I think there’s one.