Recommend me a RTS, please

I want to play multiplayer. I don’t want to play one of those RTS’s where you HAVE to have the perfect build queue or you’re toasted. I want to play a RTS where you can use imagination and not get killed for it. Recommend me one, please?

Kohan II: Kings of War

Play an RTS with other people who kinda suck at RTS games. I say this as someone who kinda sucks as RTS games.

ExecutionerFive, which RTS? Ahahahahahahahahhhheeeheegegkhkgkh

Starcraft. You can fantasize about having sex with the infested Kerrigan and not get killed for it.

The first RTS I really liked was Age of Mythology. Fast paced, pretty, fairly neat singleplayer campaign, simple to understand and not much micromanaging. Eventually I dug Warcraft 3 and Rise of Nations but AoM is a good start.

Kohan II: Kings of War.

wtf. Sometimes i think Blizzard is low brow for including a little anime T&A but it’s msgs like this that make me think their geniuses. Even if that was a joke :)

I’d second the Age series. Of course “using your imagination” only works at the lower levels of play - once you start getting a decent record you’ll have to play against the hotkey monkeys.

I say this because the average lowbie Blizzard player is 10x better then the average lowbie Ensemble player online. I have no idea why, but it’s like 1/2 of the people on ESO have never played an online RTS before. Even lowbie Blizzard opponents tend to be relatively seasoned enemies by comparison.

Kohan 2? Are you nuts? What’s left of that community are ultra-hard core experts. And don’t kid yourself about not being a game that’s 100% about build orders and unit counters. If you build the wrong building and mess up your economy there really isn’t a way to come back against the perfectionist opponents you’ll be facing.

Oops this wasn’t supposed to be it’s own post.

Age of Empires III may be a better bet for a new player at this point, despite Age of Mythology being a really good (probably superior) game, simply because of critical mass of new players from being on store shelves. Most AoM players aren’t exactly new. The Age of… series also is slower paced, so strategy is weighed a little heavier than hotkeyclickmadness.

Dawn of War is another good bet. It’s pretty accessible so even new players should be able to do OK.

One hint: in ANY RTS avoid “Newbies Only” games. 99% of the time it’s really someone trying to farm ladder rank.

(I really need to reinstall AOE3 and try it out now that it’s been out a while. Played it the first week but ESO needed some work, then other stuff got in the way.)

Also bear in mind that Battle for Middle Earth 2 and Empire at War are coming out in the next three weeks. Both look promising.

I’d offer another vote for Dawn of War as well.

I wish more people were playing Dragonshard, because that’s a great multiplayer game.

I’m tempted to get this now that it’s cheap, but did they manage to fix any of the connectivity issues people were talking about here? I.e. can you already play a four player game from start to finish over the internet without going out of sync?

C&C Generals Zero hour

It’s cheap? Where?

£15.99 at or £17.99 at Can’t help if you’re in the US, though.

Actually, I think ships to the US for a relatively low price, but that’s still not in my “cheap” ballpark, unfortunately. :)

Myth: TFL had great multiplayer. Plus, the Myth series are exceptional and are what all the other RTS games aspire to be when they grow up. It’s a true RTS, versus an RTS where the “S” stands for “build as big a horde as you can as fast as you can and send it at your enemy.”

I like the Warcraft and C&C games just fine, but the Myth series really makes 'em all look stupid. Note, though, that there hasn’t been a new Myth game in like half a century.

Age of Mythology.

Kohan (if you can find it)
Kohan 2
Dawn of War
Myth 2
Battle for Middle Earth
Warcraft 3 (The ladder system will allow you to play against players with skills near your own … for awhile)