Recommend me a sound editor

I’m on Windows 7 (64bit), and I have some sound files which I want to play together but they aren’t really the same loudness. Is there a simple tool that will take the three files I’m interested in and adjust them so they are the same level?

Audacity, if the volume levelling you want is just normalisation.

Can it (or something else) do batch normalization on a bunch of mp3 files? Say, a 60-gig iPod’s worth?

What checkers said. I use Audacity for all of my sound editing, save what I have to do at work to get really specific .wav formats.

There’s a lot of things that will normalize in batch. Most media managers (well, Media Monkey, at any rate) will normalize volume if you ask it to. Audacity will certainly get the job done, but that might be killing a fly with a bazooka.

I had to learn Audacity to put together a group presentation for a distance learning class I’m taking this semester (WTF, professor). It only took a few hours of fiddling. You should be able to get your task done much faster.

Batch normalisation, Mediamonkey or mp3gain. General editing, Audacity.

Mediamonkey can even determine the level to normalise to, but then only normalise when you sync to a device if you want to leave your originals pristine and untouched, but that doesn’t apply here.