Recommend me a vacation thread

Despite living pretty damn close to Maine for the last few years, I have not yet visited, so my husband and I have decided to take a vacation in a couple of weeks and rectify that.

We were thinking Bar Harbor and maybe Portland. We don’t mind doing touristy stuff (obviously, as long as it’s not rip-off land) but mostly we want to eat lobster. :)

Any recommendations, either “must do” or “avoid at all costs” ?


Bar Harbor’s awesome. I loved it. But I went in the off season, after Labor Day.

Schoodic Point’s nice, if you want to lounge on the cold, rocky hellscape they call a seashore. (Seriously, it’s quite lovely, but you do not go there for a beach vacation!)

Since touristy stuff isn’t off the menu, an easy hike around Jordan Pond followed by tea and popovers at the Jordan Pond House is a nice diversion. There are trails and carriage roads all over the island, so bike rentals may be in order.

Or you could go see where the President got ice cream:

I’m actually staying in Portland for a month for work. Lots of good restaurants around, but I don’t have a lot of advice besides that. Every time I’ve had a chunk of time to go out it’s been raining.

My fiancee and I spend a week with friends in New Harbor every year. It’s a nice, quiet spot on the coast if you’re just looking for a place to just relax. The attraction there is how quiet it is though, so maybe not for everyone. We spend our days at the beach or the Rachel Carson tide pool. We eat oysters and take a Puffin Tour out of the harbor. Nearby Pemaquid Point Lighthouse and Fort William Henry are worth a visit if you are in the area but not worth a side trip in and of themselves.

There are also Puffin Tours out of Boothbay Harbor, which is a nice touristy town to spend an afternoon in. Boothbay Harbor is the Southern-most place to take a Puffin Tour.

If you have kids, you might take the ferry out to Squirrel Island to see the fairy houses.

The line at Red’s Eats in Wiscasset is completely insane but the lobster rolls are the best I’ve ever had. (I confess that a friend who was 45 minutes ahead of us stood in the line and got our food just as we arrived. I’m not sure if any lobster roll is worth waiting in a 45 minute line.)

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Acadia National Park but it’s pretty amazing.

Thanks! I was looking at some of the whale/puffin tours and they seem a little expensive, but might be worth it. I think we’ll have to do some hiking in Acadia National Park if the weather is decent for it.