Recommend me an in-car dvd-player

So I need one (or two) of these before christmas.
Either one with an extra screen or two for a reasonable price. I was looking at the Philips PET735 7", which is very versatile but too expensive since I’ll need one for each kid (for people who don’t remember my ‘ugly car’-thread our car is too wide for the kids to share a screen.

So recommend me one, that’s either inexpensive enough for me to buy two or has an extra 7" screen. Don’t point me to specific US only offers, since I live in Denmark.
It should have good solid mounts for the car (for safety reasons), but I don’t want to build it in the headrests - a set that can be used in a rented vacation home is of more value to me, than the car looking good.

So you are kinda looking for something like this

They make quite a few different models of them but I’m not sure where you would find them over there. These just kinda hang over the steats and are not meant to be mounted.

Or something like this

Which comes with games even!