Recommend me some badass cinematic music

I’m talking some real barnburner stuff like the Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack or Clint Mansells’ Requiem for a Dream Remix.

Or maybe Battle Without Honor Or Humanity from Kill Bill? Or the EVER badass Navras that was the only good thing about the final Matrix movie?

Or something more lighthearted like the excellent Zooster’s Breakout?

Anything by Immediate Music (watch the whole thing) is welcome, of course.

So what’s the most amazingly awesome cinematic music you know? The soundtrack that you put on in Safeway and suddenly you’re in a spy movie, or you know the Agents are closing in on you and it’s time to Alter and become your Mech form? What do you put on in traffic and suddenly you’re in a car chase movie?

I’m sending your answer right… now.

I don’t know why, but the track from one of the trailers for Sin City really stuck with me (did this make it in the actual movie?).

On the spy side, Garbage’s The World is Not Enough has been playing in my head for a while. Not really “film music”, but a memorable theme song nonetheless.

I love the Commando soundtrack. Sure, it’s ridiculous by today’s standards, what with all the squealing synths and saxophones and such, but it conjures up a great sense of action and adventure. Driving along to it, you’re not so much heading to the store as advancing on it, into the fray, ready to do battle with any surly checkout clerks or people-with-30-items-in-the-express-lane who stand in your way.

I think this is probably the most bad ass cinematic music…

Let me tell you of the days of high adventure…

Klingon attack on V’Ger. The attack doesn’t go well for the Klingons, but I always liked the music.
Music for abs.

Also, as Omniscia notes, some great fist pumping music is also hella cheesy (see also the theme music for every great action cartoon). So, for sheer “I’m going to hop in a time machine, go back to the 90s/80s and then clean the hell out of my bathroom grout” energy, I’m going to put these two.

Test your might!

I like to imagine before he died Orson Welles cranked this in his living room or something while playing air guitar.

I’m at work so I won’t be linking YouTube or checking the links, but I don’t think anyone has mentioned E.S. Posthumus. They’re awesome.

I came to the thread to do this, but I’ll have to settle for seconding it.

Mass Effect had some good stuff.

Clearly you need to download the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack by Basil Poledouris. It’s on iTunes.

Oh hell yes.

Another one of my all-time favorites: Once Upon a Time in the West. And For a Few Dollars More. And A Fistful Of Dollars. Leone wouldn’t be half what he was without Morricone.

I already clued him in to days of high adventure! Humph.

For badass trailer music, most of it comes from any number of “incidental music” studios that you can find samples of:

  • Immediate Music
  • X-Ray Dog
  • Cornerstone Cues

And also seconding ES Posthumus, who almost every incidental music studio tries to sound like.

Saw that after I posted sorry Hugin. Great minds think alike :)

The Last of the Mohicans is one of my favorite.

It was just the trailer IIR. But I too liked it soo much that I grabbed the actual song. Here it is with singing.

Believe it or not, one of my favourite scores is from The Rock.

When Hans Zimmer wrote this, Crimson Tide, and The Lion King, it was like a one-two-three punch of new action movie music, but I feel like he’s been repeating these same cues ever since. Still…I like this one.

If you want to hear what a shameless knockoff sounds like, listen to Jerry Goldsmith’s theme for Total Recall right after you listen to the Anvil of Crom

That’s because The Rock is unbridled awesome. Still my favorite movie soundtrack of all time, and a darn fun movie to boot.

Another vote for Morricone. I’m going to download some to my 360 hard drive when I play Red Dead Redemption. Wish I had done so for Gun.