Recommend me some blues music

Jethro Tull:

This Was
Stand Up

My personal favourite and the album which served as my gateway into Blues was Anthology of the Blues by Champion Jack Du Pree

The guy is funny and a brilliant pianist.

To get the sound of him at his best you need to find “My little dog Mix”

Ha ha ha ha…wait. You’re serious?

Jethro Tull started off as Blues-Rock. After This Was, Mick Abrahams left, and with him the primary blues influence. So, some was still there a while, but Martin Barre wasn’t as much a blues guy.

This Was had some blues influence. The other two…not so much. And if someone asks “I love Rev. Gary Davis, who else should I be listening to?” and your answer is “Jethro Tull!”, you deserve all the derision that is dished out.