Recommend me some gaming sites for my RSS feed!

I was pretty happy with just Qt3 and PAR as the only gaming sites on my RSS feed. Then Penny Arcade pulled the plug on PAR, and I haven’t found a good replacement yet. I’ve tried a few sites, but the signal-to-noise ratio seems a little low.

Anyone want to recommend me some sites to try? I’m mostly a mobile and console gamer these days, but I do like to keep tabs on the PC indie scene a bit. So many sites seem to just either be covering the Story/PR du Jour (DID YOU HEAR THE NEWS ABOUT FLAPPY BIRD?!?!), or just don’t have any depth to their stories (I’m not even sure I can explain exactly what that means - all I know is I’ve read too many articles on different sites recently that don’t seem to have anything particularly interesting or insightful to say).


Just don’t read the reviews?

I don’t know.

Rock Paper Shotgun is good for PC stuff.

Honestly, I kinda just scan Kotaku for breaking news, and then read the articles and blogs other people tweet/share.

Kotaku is like the TMZ of video games. Good for up to date breaking news but, you feel like you are doing something wrong reading it.

As an aside: How are you tracking RSS feeds these days? I’ve not found a satisfactory replacement for google reader yet :/

For gaming sites, my tastes tend towards more preten – er, that is, high-minded blogs. Probably the best RSS feed I’ve got right now is the one from Critical Distance, which has a pretty invaluable weekly roundup of interesting content from a variety of blogs which all roughly fall in the “games criticism” category (analogous to “film criticism” in that they exist somewhere on the spectrum between a review and an academic analysis). I really like it for pointing me to individual bloggers who I might want to follow in their own right.

Along those lines I like this cage is worms a good deal. I also thought Good Games Writing was pretty good as a link-blog, but hilariously, it hasn’t published anything in a long time. For meat-and-potatoes game reviews, I like, though their reviewers’ tastes certainly don’t always intersect with mine.

I use feedly for RSS. The interface isn’t 100% what I want it to be, but google reader had tons of UI quirks that drove me up the wall too, and I feel like feedly is currently just as usable as google reader was when it went under.

Feedly pretty much won the replacement war. It was kinda janky when it started, but as of now it does everything I needed google reader to do. It interfaces with Reeder on iOS, so I don’t even notice the difference.

Honestly if you want in depth discussions of games, podcasts are your best bet right now. Idle Thumbs, Crate and Crowbar, Three Moves Ahead, Player One Podcast, 8-4 Play (if you are into Japanese stuff), Retronauts and Back In My Play (if you are into retro games).

I don’t have that many gaming feeds because there’s an awful lot of overlap on news and most feeds with features are truncated, so they’re a bit pointless. But anyway, my list is: QT3, Pocket Tactics, Eurogamer, RPS, PC Gamer. But as Angrycoder says, generally podcasts are where it’s at, and specifically all the ones he mentions, Giant Bomb, Gamers With Jobs, DLC, plus a couple of DotA casts.

Thanks guys - some good pointers here which I’ll check out.

I’ll chime in on the Feedly bandwagon - they aren’t perfect, but their mobile client is good enough and I’ve gotten used to the flaws (like forgetting which article I was reading and leaving it marked as read when it gets paged out of memory on Android). It gives me a one-click escape to Chrome which I like.

I’ve never quite gotten in to the podcast thing, mostly because I’ve never found one that’s consistently good for the entire time. What do you guys do if you’re 2 minutes into a podcast and they are talking about something you find boring - if it’s a blog post, I just skip to the next post, or maybe skim further in the article.