Recommend me some good computer speaker

My 7 year old Midiland speakers are dying on me, so I think it’s time to upgrade to something more modern sounding. I thought about looking at Klipsch, but their site is sorely lacking anything impressive in their Computer Speaker area ( Am I missing something there? They don’t have much of a selection.

I’m fine spending up to around 250 bucks on this. I love having good audio for my games.

I take it you’re looking for stereo speakers, not a 5.1 setup. Maximum PC really like the Audioengine A2, which go for $200. They also really like the Axion Audiobyte, but those go for $350. PC Magazine also did a roundup of speakers a few months ago.

Creative GigaWorks T20

Best 2.0 speakers I’ve had. Got them on sale for $59 CAD. Better than Klipsch 2.0.

I’d actually be fine with either 5.1 or 2.0. The Midilands I have are 5.1, but I kind of question why I need 5.1.

The problem with computer speaker reviews is that most people reviewing computer speakers don’t have the first fucking clue what speakers should sound like. Loyd Case is the rare exception; go hunt down one of his reviews, and buy whatever he recommends.

(My recommendation is to ignore speakers altogether and just get headphones. For a mere thousand dollars you can put together a headphone system that’ll be better than any speaker system you’ll ever be able to afford.)

I bought a pair of these for the office and couldn’t be happier. Now I need some new speakers at home again, and I see I can get the T40s for only about $20 more. Worth it? Unless they’re in some way worse than the T20s and someone speaks up, I think I’ll go for it.

Thanks for the T20 recommendation in the first place too.

5.1 is awesome in a handful of FPS games that take good advantage of it, assuming you have a soundcard that supports EAX.

However, for the price of a decent 5.1 setup you can typically buy a quite nice 2.1 system. Unless you’re playing for a crowd, headphones really would be your best bet at the price you’re naming.

I’m really liking my Audioengine A5’s. But they’re pricey.

I’ve been playing around with some new Creative Speakers, the Gigaworks T3. These aren’t up on the Creative web site yet, so I’m not sure when they’ll be on sale in the US. They’re very compact, somewhat bright, but not offensively so, and generate a lot of clean volume for their size.

IMO the best 2.1 setup is the Logitech Z-2300. It sounds a lot better than my old Klipsch 4.1 computer speakers as the subwoofer has tighter bass and the satellites have better clarity.

Creative Gigaworks T20.

Yeah, so, can you answer my above question? Any reason not to go for the T40s since they’re close in price?

Whoops, didn’t see that this was resurrection of an old thread.

T40s don’t have line-in if you need that additional input, say for a console.

Ah, good point, thanks.

Mine just arrived today coincidentally. They are loud!

Audiophilia - that way lies madness.

I’ve been playing with the Audioengine A2s over the weekend. They’re a bit strange. OTOH, they’re leaps and bounds over the Logitech Z4s; a completely different league of speaker, and the first good speakers i’ve owned that can equal headphones. But they have problem with midrange musical sounds without equalizer adjustments; yet it seems like when i do equalize things, somehow or somewhere it loses a tiny but noticable piece of “deep midrange” that i can’t find or put back into it, and it’s driving me batty.

All of a sudden i’m thinking about getting a subwoofer, upgrading my soundcard in my computer, ect. I can see how people become obsessive with perfect sound.

I also entered the wild and wooly world of Hifi stereo audiophile equipment reviews, which is about eight parts hyperbole and subjective judgment for every two parts quantitative analysis. It’s annoying to read review after review and not really have any similarities except round-about conclusions, like “it’s good!”.

Headphones were, are, and will always be the best way to enjoy audio in gaming.

once I ran into some speaker reviews from The National Research Council. It had a very large archive of measurements they performed on dozens of speakers - you could see the frequency graph. I assume flatter is better, with no sharp peaks. I wish I could find it now!

Hopefully it’s not government-paid industry shills, but I figure it’s better than audio enthusiast sites. The AV world makes the computer hardware world look so honest!

I realize that the OP is old now but when I decided to spend $250 on audio, I went with the Astro A40 headset. Expensive, but it was my 40’th b’day present to myself. Totally amazing. The comfort is also not to be discounted. Extremetech did a review way back which helped push me over the edge.